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5 Anal Bleaching Myths Debunked: Anal Bleaching 101

In the age of the internet, news spreads fast and information is shared in an instant. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always right. As much information that’s out there, there’s a lot of misinformation. 

Especially for topics that aren’t necessarily popular or might seem taboo to talk about.

Sounds juicy. 

Heard of anal bleaching? Sure you have!

Whoa, anal bleaching? No build up, just walked right out here and said it. A no-no topic, if you will. And with that type of rumor-esque information, there are always a lot of myths to debunk. 

So, to be able to create a real and more accurate depiction of what anal bleaching actually is. Despite the nay-sayers, and the word bleach being thrown around like a rag doll. 

Here are the top 5 anal bleaching myths that get asked all the time:

Anal Bleaching is only for the Anus.

Anal bleaching is just a common term. Easier to describe than intimate skin bleaching, or skin bleaching altogether. That tends to come off pretty vague. Intimate skin bleaching doesn’t apply to just the anus, but also the underarms, the vulva, under the breasts, groin, and testicular areas. Not to mention, for some people, the elbows, neck, and knees – also considered intimate. 

Intimate Skin Bleaching or Anal Bleaching is just the umbrella term to describe all things. 

You only do it once.

Nope. A top myth, and epically misleading. If you think about how many years it took for your skin to darken in the areas you’d like to lighten, it wouldn’t make sense to be able to shave all those years off in a matter of 20 minutes. Right? I mean, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t take the same amount of years to lighten. But it will most definitely take at least 6 sessions over the course of weeks to get it to be lighter. 

Doesn’t really matter the route you take to get there. Whether it be at-home DIY, med spa laser, or salon service. Doesn’t even matter what skin type, it’ll take more than one treatment to get there. 

Bleach is involved.

Absolutely not. And, absolutely do not ever try it! You can find harsher ingredients in certain products. Most being banned from the country. However, a highly reputable skin care center or DIY skin lightening cream like Intilight – which was formulated by a dermatologist, Dr. Balshi – would never use harmful ingredients. On the contrary, with the advances in the skin care industry, using active botanicals like alpha hydroxy acids and peptides help the skin and skin pigmentation. 

Bleaching the skin, gets rid of all dark pigmentation

It’s not guaranteed that all pigmentation will go away. There are areas of the body, for example, the vulvar area, that tends to be darker than the rest simply because it’s full of blood vessels. Also, the anal area. Due to its biophysical purpose, it may not be clear to its fullest. Lightening these areas will take much longer, especially if you have darker skin. It’s realistic to not expect 100% lightened skin overall. 

Now that we’ve gotten through the myths, here are some of the facts:

Our skin darkening… is natural.

Everyone should be aware that darker pigmentation in intimate areas is entirely natural. It’s not dirty, or related to poor hygiene. Everyone is different and our bodies change and become unique in their own ways. However, because the anus overlaps with the digestive tract, the skin tends to be thicker. It also contains higher amounts of keratin. This makes the surrounding area of the skin darker. 

The skin around the anus can also become darker due to a higher production in melanin. This being triggered from recurring irritation or rubbing from clothes like thongs and the constant friction of the butt cheeks. It’s actually quite rare that any of us have an anus that matches our entire complexion. 

What exactly is bleaching the anus?

It is without bleach. Bleaching or lightening the anus is the short description for lightening the natural skin tone of an area. Or reducing the production of melanin in a specific location. 

Skin lightening actually started in the state of California. Making its first public debut when it aired on an episode of Cosmetic Surgery Live as well as on an episode of Dr. 90210. Making a taboo subject a popular topic. 

Eventually this became a worldwide treatment. However, now home bleaching kits and creams are available and sold online for private use. Mostly for those who prefer to do it themselves. 

Even though this has come off as a controversial treatment, many people feel that they can benefit from having a lighter skin shade. At the end of the day, it’s your skin, your choice. Whatever you want to do that brings you confidence or appeals to you. Then cosmetic procedures like anal skin bleaching or skin lightening may be worth considering. 

The you-should-knows when it comes to anal bleaching

Once you’ve decided that anal bleaching is right for you. There are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing which treatments are most comfortable. 

You have the option of laser lightening or retinol treatment through medical professionals or skin care experts. If you opt to have anal bleaching done at a med spa, your technician will apply over the counter skin lightening cream. Safe for that area. Followed by microdermabrasion treatments that will require multiple visits. 

Ensure that if you find a spa or clinic, that the staff is well trained and professional. As well as following proper sanitization procedures during each treatment. This is important!

If you’re looking to save money and go the DIY route, buying an effective lightening cream for anal bleaching is now available! 

Doing it yourself is less of a hassle, saves money, and avoids showing your genitals off to a complete stranger! DIY or at-home treatments are not only convenient but also affordable. You can maintain the cleanliness in the privacy of your own home and administer the cream in full control with peace of mind.

If you are considering at-home anal bleaching creams like Intilight. There are a few things to consider and tips you should take before proceeding:

  •       Use an All-Natural Type Cream – This is important. When deciding on a cream to lighten areas of your skin, specifically intimate areas, make sure to choose a product like Intilight skin lightening. These products have an all-natural base of ingredients that not only helps to minimize potential risks of irritation or rashes. But it helps enhance the skin with your results while avoiding unnecessary complications.
  •       Ask for Help – If it’s your first time. It can be tricky. It’s best practice to have someone you trust fully and are open physically with, to help you. This could be anyone. Your partner, spouse, a best friend. With the help of someone else, you can ensure the cream is being applied correctly. Use them for practice for when you’re ready to do it by yourself. 
  •       Keep it Clean – When it comes to our intimate areas, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. This should be the most first and most important step before the application process. The area, especially anal area, needs to be cleaned, hairless, and rash/cut/irritation free. This means no cuts or wounds in the skin. This helps avoid unnecessary infection. 
  •       Follow the Instructions – This sounds like an obvious tip, but you would be surprised how some people don’t read thoroughly, miss a step, or think it might be an obvious process. Either out of excitement or rushing the process. It’s imperative that you follow the directions because some creams may take longer than others to lighten the area. Or, leaving on certain creams too long may cause irritation and the skin to become sensitive. Whereas, leaving it on too short may leave you with no visible results. Make sure to read and follow the directions when using anything, especially a skin lightening product.

At home creams can result in a longer process. Results may start showing within the first month. Being patient during this time is important. Avoid over-applying thinking the treatment will get faster results. This will only end in irritation or breakouts. If you’re looking for quicker, stronger results, it is recommended that meeting with a licensed specialist is the move!

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