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Anal Bleach, DIY Skin Lightening, Skin Care, Skin Lightening / 10.20.18

A Look at the No. 1 Intimate Bleaching Cream for 2018

Man has continuously searched through the years and across continents for the most effective, most practical, and safest method of achieving a lighter complexion in the intimate regions of the body like the anus and vagina. The search is definitely over as 2018 is already here. With Intilight intimate bleaching cream formally taking the industry by storm, it is now safe to say that the number 1 intimate bleaching cream for 2018 and beyond is Intilight. Here’s why:

  • Unique dermatologist-developed skin whitening formulation

Intilight is formulated by a well-respected dermatologist who has put all of his knowledge and skills in the practice of his profession to create a product that is not only based on sound principles of the dermatological sciences but also grounded on the innate human nature to excel, to become much better. Every tube of Intilight is guaranteed to encapsulate the intense desire of Dr. Balshi to help individuals achieve fairer skin in their intimate regions in a safer, more practical, and more effective manner.


  • Natural ingredients guarantee unparalleled safety

Dr. Balshi understands the drawbacks of many of today’s intimate bleaching products. Many simply contain a lot of harsh chemicals that only bring damage to the skin. Instead of whitening the skin, what is left are scars and other signs of a failed treatment options. Intilight boasts of only the finest natural ingredients that are clinically tested to be gentle and safe on the skin while allowing the natural processes of skin whitening to take effect. There are no side effects to worry about as long as you follow the simple directions.

skin whitening with Intilight

  • More practical than other methods of intimate whitening

There are other methods in which one can whiten the skin in and around the intimate regions of the body. Many of these are quite expensive and may entail a few complications and side effects. It is this combination of treatment cost and the cost related to the management of complications that make these procedures rather an expensive endeavor. Since Intilight is safe there are no complications or side effects to worry about. This also means you don’t need to worry about prohibitive healthcare costs related to seeking treatment for the side effects of these procedures. Some methods, while safe, are pretty expensive.

  • Ease of application means more DIY intimate bleaching opportunities

Many of the other methods of genital and anal bleaching require you to be in a clinic setting under the supervision of a qualified and duly licensed professional. With Intilight, all you need is to thoroughly clean the area you want to lighten, remove and shave the hairs that are present in the area, and apply generous amounts of Intilight over the skin. It cannot get any simpler than that. Of course, there may be instances when you will need to ask the assistance of someone. Why not just make your partner your assistant instead?

There are plenty more reasons why Intilight is destined to become the #1 intimate bleaching cream in 2018. The ones we have outlined are just some of the more important ones. For its safety, practicality, and effectiveness, there’s no denying Intilight has top spot.