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Anal Bleach, Skin Lightening / 6.28.19

Summer Travels with Intilight

Vacation; an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or traveling. Summer is upon us and nearly 100 million people in America embark on summer journeys, and that’s just one country! Most of us are excited to slip away into the unknown and escape our everyday lives we live, however it is hard to maintain the daily regimes we practice at home. When I am home in Palm Beach, Florida, it’s pretty easy to stay in my groove of morning and night time beauty routines. When I am on the road many of my skin care products are not the best travel companions. Some of my face serums are in glass bottles, aren’t within the airplane’s parameters for carry-on size, or just too bulky to pack in my suitcase! In order for products to work correctly, you need to follow them as a routine which is why I became so happy with Intilight’s anal bleach cream. 

Intilight skin lightening cream became a main component to my beauty procedure about 1 year ago now! The process of skin lightening using anal bleach has made me feel more confident and beautiful, and with my busy schedule this summer Intilight has made it easy to maintain sparkling peachy parts no matter what city or time zone. Anal bleach on the go, anytime, anywhere! Intilights leightweight packaging holds 1.7 ounces of anal bleach cream. Airplanes (for all of you unaware) allow a maximum of 3.4 ounces in your carry on. Anal bleach on a red eye? No problem. Or if you’re like me and traveling long distances, I won’t have to miss a day of my skin lightening routine. Now that I have become used to this regime, it’s quick and easy to apply anywhere. Traveling light is key when you’re constantly switching planes, trains, and automobiles. I have made it a fun game to see just how well I can simplify my packing process. Intilight makes the cut. 

Intilight’s anal bleach up-keep calls for an application of the lightening cream twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Intilight’s anal bleach cream can be used in the comfort of your hotel or even the airport bathroom. The bottle of Intilight has a modern look and is very discreet, no need to feel embarrassed if someone catches a glimpse. The packaging is airtight, so you do not have to worry about spills in your luggage or purse. This summer I feel confident knowing I won’t have to skip a beat with my anal bleach routine, not even turbulance can stop me. 

Many spas and doctors offer anal bleach and skin lightening through the use of lasers or other skin lightening treatments. This is hard to maintain, especially around these summer months when you are away from home. The process of anal bleaching through Intilight is affordable and has been very convienent to contiune longterm. 

From the beaches in Bahamas to the slopes of Colorado, Intilight’s anal bleach cream can be your secret weapon anywhere, anytime. Brighten up for that special someone or better yet yourself, to regain a look you feel comfortable with. For the beach destinations this summer, Intilight’s product will add to your vacation glow. The cream is light and has a fast absorption rate. If you are planning on being in the salt water or pool to escape the summer heat, your anal bleach process will not be affected or get in the way of any fun. In the morning before your day in the sun or activites allow the anal bleach cream to absorb for about 20 minutes, after the quick appllication. The process involves no pain, has a lightweight feel, and is fragrance free. Be sure to protect the area where the lightening cream is applied from sunshine! Wear sunscreen or clothing to cover those intimate parts after you apply. 

Since I can’t carry my entire skin care shelf with me, picking and choosing is a task now made easy when it comes to Intilight. It’s the only skin lightening product I’ve used that is so reliable and efficient. From various hotel rooms, in and out of planes, and being in new environments can make me not feel like myself. Knowing I can easily continune my routine of anal bleach makes me feel comfortable and beautified. Travel can take a toll on my diet, sleep schedule, and can cause breakouts, so anything that can keep me feeling flawless is necessary. Intilight’s anal bleach is a sidekick that I will never have to leave behind. 

Intilight is safe, affordable, and efficient. Dr. Balshi created this product for men and women to be able to lighten their intimate areas for self-confidence and a flawless look. No longer is anal bleach a hushed topic meant for only porn stars or the Kardashians. Intilight will add that sparkle to your day or anyone else’s you may be with in an intimate setting. I am a firm believer in this product and it has fit into my schedule smoothly. It is not a bad thing to want your bum looking fabulous, especially on that hot and steamy summer vacation with that special someone. My skin care routine has been amplified with Intilight’s anal bleach cream. People also use this product for darker areas such as scars, armpits, and in between the inner thighs.

Intilight anal bleach cream and skin lightening is a beauty trend that is no longer a secret. To have bright, flawless skin throughout the body is now a reachable goal with Dr. Balshi’s anal bleach product. Over 1,000 clients have tried this skin lightening product and happy with what they saw down under. Intilight is guaranteed to show you positive results or they will happily give you your money back if you are not satisfied. Intilight’s anal bleaching cream will stay with me this summer while abroad. I now have the confidence to bare all, when before I was so self conscious in a bikini. Darker intimate areas are naturally occuring, yet if there is a product that can help me reverse this occurrence I am happy to be a part of that.