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Anal Bleach, Anal Bleaching, DIY Skin Lightening, Skin Lightening / 1.18.19

Intilight – My Experience with Anal Bleaching at Home

Skin Lightening? Anal Bleaching? Hyper-pigmentation, dark spot, scar-reducing, pearly peachy parts wonder cream? When I heard about it and knew I wanted to try it, I assumed it was going to be an expensive treatment at the dermatologist. After researching the many different treatments and product options there are on the market to achieve my skin goals, I found a couple of options which each presented their own benefits. After weighing the options according to my needs, schedule, and goals – I decided I was going to try Intilight. I am going to share my opinion on a variety of factors that I like to take into consideration when choosing a product.


One of my initial concerns when looking at skin lightening and anal bleaching was pain. When you think of bleaching your skin, especially anal bleaching, you would imagine for this process to entail some form of discomfort. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised when trying the Intilight anal bleach cream, as I felt absolutely zero discomforts, pain, itching or anything out of the ordinary. I never thought I was going to be able to alter the pigmentation of my skin without any discomfort. There truly is absolutely no pain related to skin lightening when using an at-home cream, and that was definitely a major relief to me.


When weighing my options, I took price into consideration as one of the deciding factors. I don’t trust extremely low priced products sold in department stores, because in relation to ingredients – what you pay for is what you get. On the other hand, skin lightening and anal bleaching treatments and products and the longevity of the results rely on the continuous application of the product. Therefore, making sure a recurring purchase of the product or treatment was an expense that was feasible for me long-term. Personally, not wanting to spend a tremendous amount on just skin lightening and anal bleaching was a given for me, therefore I decided Intilight was the best choice at the price point I could afford monthly.

Schedule / Limited Time

Time is an important factor to consider when choosing between in-person treatments and at home products. If your schedule is flexible or you work fewer hours, in person anal bleaching and skin lightening treatments may be an option for you. However, if your schedule is busy as mine, working long office hours and rushing home to a dog and a Netflix documentary you have been dying to watch, then you may be in the same boat as me. If I can save time, use the product at home and multitask concurrently – I’m sold. Taking that into consideration, I definitely knew I wanted to lighten my skin at home.

Dermatologist formulated / safer than over the counter.

Once you have determined that you would like to lighten your skin at home, you can decide with which product you would like to use for anal bleach. There are some options for very low budget purchase at department stores – nonetheless, I wanted to ensure the product and ingredients I used on my most sensitive areas were safe, wouldn’t irritate my skin and were developed by a dermatologist. This conclusion leads me in the direction of Intilight. Developed and formulated by a dermatologist with high-end ingredients.


Another reason why I decided to choose Intilight as my go-to skin lightening product is that I feel uncomfortable buying a bleaching product at a store, in person. What if I ran into someone from work while an anal bleach product is in my shopping cart? No Bueno. Thank god I can order Intilight with one click straight to my door. I don’t have to worry about any irrational social fears and can just get it mailed to me whenever I am about to run out.

After trying the product for while and being very happy with my results, I just went ahead and purchased a bundle pack. I mean, why not save on the bundle and get free shipping.

Scent and Feel

I can sometimes be picky about the scent of cosmetic products. If a product has an intense scent, it can at times deter me from purchasing it. Fragrances in topical products can sometimes irritate my skin, and I prefer a fragrance free product, especially when applying to sensitive areas. Thankfully, Intilight does not have a scent or fragrance. It basically goes unnoticed and does not clash with my perfume or irritate my skin. I love being able to apply it without anyone being able to smell the product on my skin, including myself. Because I am picky about the products I apply to my skin, I also have preferences in regards to how fast a product absorbs and how my skin feels immediately after applying. Many products I have tried have been greasy, sticky and had an unpleasant scent to it. Intilight absorbed rapidly, was not sticky and did not leave my skin looking greasy or different.


After receiving Intilight, I applied it to my ‘peachy parts’, dark spots on my arms and chest as well as a hyperpigmented scar on my leg. I was happy to see that within two weeks, all areas lightened drastically and continued to slowly lighten after a while. Especially the dark scar on my leg was always a source of insecurity for me. Intilight has worked on many different areas of my skin and overall helps me achieve multiple skin goals in one.

Overall, Intilight is my anal bleaching and skin lightening product of choice. I am very happy with it and the results I have been able to achieve with it. Unfortunately, skin lightening and anal bleaching are not permanent, yet this product makes it easy to maintain the results long term. I am super happy I have finally found a solution for more than just one of my skin goals. I can assure you that if you are looking for an all-around practical and quality solution, Intilight should be on the top of your list.