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Anal Bleaching / 1.25.19

Anal Bleaching, Skin Lightening and Tattoos

Skin lightening and anal bleaching have increased in popularity and established itself as a key step in many skincare routines. Because of its versatility, anal bleaching cream has been used by many for a multitude of different desired end results. Scars, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tones as well as overall skin lightening can be achieved with the help of at home skin lightening products. When purchasing the product, there may be some questions about the use of anal bleaching cream that may come to mind. If you have tattoos – you may be concerned about the effects of skin bleaching on your tattooed skin. Let’s dive into whether or not your tattoos will be affected by skin bleaching and to what extent.

Many love tattoos, whether small or large, in visible or hidden areas. Skin lightening and improvements can be desired by anyone, and some may have concerns of achieving their goals in areas near their tattoos, and potential effects on them. Tattoos are permanent for two different reasons – the color pigments being deposited deep into your skin and the scarring that occurs from the needle penetrating your skin. The combination of both of these factors results in the permanent and vibrant visibility of these pigments through the skin and makes your tattoo visible and vibrant.

Skin lightening and anal bleaching creams are designed to reduce the amount of pigmentation in your skin by removing melanin over time, and thus lightening your skin. Melanin is a pigment present in the Epidermis, the uppermost and surface layer of your skin. Color pigments deposited during a tattoo session rest in the deeper layers of your skin, the dermis, and therefore the pigments itself are not affected by hydroquinone – the active ingredient in skin lightening and anal bleaching creams. Nonetheless, the minimal scarring resulting from the needle penetrating the skin hundreds of times during tattooing can highlight your tattoo and increase its noticeability. As the decrease of scar visibility is one of the benefits of using a skin lightening cream, the scarring on top of your tattoo is not excluded from that. Over time, the visibility of scarring will reduce and with that, your tattoo may change minimally, however to no drastic degree.

For the most part, skin lightening and anal bleaching creams will not affect your tattoos, unless applied to them directly for an extensive period of time. If you love your tattoos and do not want to risk even the slightest changes in them, you should try to avoid applying any products directly on top of them. Applying them around the tattoo will not affect the tattoo itself and lighten the skin around it only.  In addition to that, you should always use sunscreen generously in order to prevent it from fading due to sun exposure.

If you decide you would like to move forward with skin lightening and anal bleaching around your tattoo at home, choosing the right product is essential. Low-quality ingredients and products can leave your skin dry, damaged or unhealthy. The correct product will nourish your skin, provide it with vitamins and encourage the production of new skin cells to replace the cells with removed melanin. Always make sure to select a product such as Intilight, that is formulated by a dermatologist and includes only high-end, safe ingredients.

On the flipside of skin lightening and consecutively protecting your tattoos, if you would like to fade the appearance of your tattoo you can attempt to minimally do so using a skin lightening product. Consistent and long term application of anal bleaching and skin lightening cream can reduce the visibility of your tattoo. Before applying the product to the desired area, always spot check how your skin reacts to the product and wait 24 hours to apply to a larger area after observing no reactions. In addition, if you are struggling with increased scarring on the surface of your tattoo, a skin lightening product can help reduce the appearance of the scars. Lightened skin can be photosensitive directly after application, so it is recommended to avoid the sun or cover the area before going out in the sun.

Skin lightening and anal bleaching products can be used by individuals with tattoos without concern. Depending on the desired result or desire to spare the tattoo of any skin lightening, make sure to read above and apply the cream in select areas accordingly. Skin lightening and anal bleaching cream is extremely versatile and can be used to achieve any desired skin improvements and results, and will complement your skin goals accordingly. Skin lightening and anal bleaching creams can be used for many different desired skin tone corrections, reduction of scars and other conditions. Since the removal of melanin from the skin is only semi-permanent as the melanin replenishes over time, if you have any doubts or commitment issues related to skin lightening, your skin will gradually revert back, unless you continue the application of the product. If you are considering anal bleaching, make sure to select an at home product with high-end ingredients that you can trust.

Intilight is dermatologist formulated, natural, safe and scent free. It is gentle on your skin and includes many nourishing ingredients that achieve the same results as costly treatments. With an at-home skin lightening and anal bleaching product, you don’t have to adjust your schedule and can continue with your regular routine while achieving your skin care goals on the go. No matter your skin tone, skin lightening can be an option for you, whether for a smaller targeted area, or your skin in general. Because of its carefully formulated ingredients, anal bleaching and skin lightening cream are safe to use, even on your most sensitive areas. After the removal of melanin from the skin, your skin can be sensitive and in need of some extra TLC. The ingredients in Intilight make sure to give your skin back what it needs, while you get what you need out of your skin.