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Anal Bleaching / 2.22.19

Anal Bleaching – When to Lighten Your Peachy Parts

Many consider skin lightening and anal bleaching treatments, and often contemplate for an extended amount of time, whether now is the right time or not. At times, researching the process and products seems endless, and judging whether the right time is now or not is difficult. There are a couple of things to consider before starting your easy at home skin lightening and anal bleaching journey, and successfully following through with the treatment correctly. Some being your commitment to protect yourself from the sun, using the product frequently, having the patience to wait for results and being ready to finally achieve the skin you have been dreaming of. All these are points to take into consideration when pulling the trigger on finally starting to use your at home skin lightening and anal bleaching product.

After starting to use your anal bleaching and skin lightening product at home, your skin will most likely be more sensitive to UV rays than usual. Since the sunlight and its intense UV rays cause the production of melanin which ultimately gives your skin a darker tone and appearance, when lightening your skin, sun exposure without UV protection is counterproductive. Encouraging the production of new melanin by exposing the skin to the sun without protection, can revert the results of your skin lightening process, or cause darker spots.  However, there are plenty of things you can do in order to prevent the sun from having any effects on your skin, such as the use of a high SPF sunscreen or a sunblock. Your commitment to protecting treated skin from UV rays is essential to the success of your skin lightening journey when treating areas of your skin that are usually not clothed. If you are using the product mainly for anal bleaching purposes, you should worry less about the sun, as your intimate ‘peachy’ parts are usually covered up, even at the beach.

Commit to using it frequently

If you think you are ready to start lightening your skin, and that now is the time to start using the product, make sure you are committed to using the product frequently. In order to achieve the results you want to see, the skin lightening topical cream has to be applied 2 times per day, for a minimum of 3 weeks. Furthermore, in order to maintain the results, the continuous application is necessary, as the melanin in your skin will slowly replenish, and only daily applications of hydroquinone will prevent your skin from reverting to its original skin tone. Therefore, pick the time of treatment wisely according to how busy your calendar and schedule are. There is no reason to start using the product sparingly when your schedule is too crazy to make time for the applications, as it will only achieve the results you desire when applied regularly and generously.

Patiently wait for your results

If you are looking for an overnight magic fix for the dark areas of your skin, an at-home topical product will not achieve the results you desire in less than 2 weeks. Because of that, make sure you plan in at least 2 weeks before being able to see the gradual and healthy results of at home anal bleaching and skin lightening. When starting the treatment with the product, melanin will gradually reduce in your skin and it will lighten slightly with every application of the product.

If you are currently busy with or about to be with a life event or heading out on vacation soon, make sure you are prepared to bring your skin lightening and anal bleaching product with you. The product is lightweight and can be taken with you wherever you go, whether it is a vacation or a work trip. It is within the airline limitations for liquid products, and therefore can even be carried in your hand luggage. Intilight is small enough to fit into your clutch, so you can always take it with you, wherever you go.

Make sure lightening your skin is what you want

Consider if a lighter shade of skin in the area of application is what you are envisioning. After achieving the results, it can take a long amount of time for your skin to return to its original shade. Because of this, being at least temporarily committed to the results of the product is important. If you are worried about discomfort – don’t be. Skin lightening and anal bleaching with a product like Intilight is completely pain-free.

Overall, using skin lightening and anal bleaching cream will enhance your life, and let you live your life with more confidence, security and an overall more easy going attitude. When you don’t have to worry about your skin and peachy parts, and can just live in the moment, life has a lot more to offer. Be spontaneous, feel comfortable at the beach and do what you want, when you want. Your friends and family will notice your positive vibes and will be able to tell the difference. You do you, love yourself and embrace your imperfections – while also feeling free to make the changes you need to make for yourself.  

Don’t Hesitate

Lastly, there’s no better timing for achieving your skin goals and desired lightness or evenness of your skin tone than now. As long as you are committed to using the product twice a day until you see the results you have been dying to see, and then keeping up the routine in order to maintain the results, you will be good to go. So don’t put your skin goals off any longer, get started on the skin results you have always wanted and feel confident about yourself. There’s no better day than today to start working on yourself, and being as confident as you can be. Eliminating the little insecurities from your life can be the beginning of a new you. Go get your skin goals, there’s no point in waiting.