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Common Body Parts For Skin Lightening

The world we live in has become dominated by filters, lashes, fake tans, and social media. It’s become hard to sift through what’s enhanced and what’s real and the pressure to be internet perfect becomes immense for some people. Especially women… especially young women. When insecurities become heavy and change the way we look at ourselves, it’s truly difficult to find the positives and focus on them. 

Living stress and worry free is what we all strive for, the good times, the memories, the laughs. At least that’s the goal. But with insecurities as accessible as they are, finding things about your body that affect you become a unique and different experience. 

Social media filters really can emphasize the flaws in your own skin. Mostly when you take a quick glance off the camera and you get a scathing back-to-back comparison of your “best” self to your actual self. OUCH. 

Nothing like being roasted by your own phone. 

Leaves you feeling like it’s time to work on some Stand-Up Comedy… because if you can’t be attractive… at least you can be funny! 

Just kidding! 

But really, nothing like being reminded that our skin tone is naturally uneven. And as we age, this only becomes more apparent. Between sunspots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation… there’s a laundry list of why this is so common. 

Doesn’t make anyone want to change it any less though.

The beauty standards nowadays are highly unattainable… but even knowing this, we still try. Making the uneven skin tone, color and texture even is a pretty popular gig. From natural skin lightening serums, washes, lotions, creams; there is no end to finding a solution to the problem. This just doesn’t apply to face either. 

Skin lightening happens all over the body. Some may also call it skin bleaching. Also known to be used in the nether regions as anal bleaching. Making certain parts of the body lighter, cleaner looking, and more flattering is a must have in the public’s daily beauty routine. 

It’s a thing!

Anal bleaching has been the most recent rising star. But there are a multitude of sensitive parts that are being advertised to be bleached. Here are a few parts that are popular among the skin lightening demographic:

Anal Bleaching

It’s a thing, it’s one of the biggest things! These trends are real, they’re here, and they’re proud. Brazilian waxes have been taken up a notch and anal bleaching had been added to the itinerary. Or lightening the skin around the anus. In addition to waxing the anal area, making it lighter makes it appear cleaner to the majority.

Although the skin downstairs is sensitive, with the best anal creams, it’s strong enough to withstand at-home anal bleaching creams. Not only for the sensitivity of the skin but for the best results with the safest ingredients. 

You can find anal bleaching or skin lightening products like Intilight on the market that are great for first timers. Just follow the instructions!

Inner Thighs

This may be a more obvious body part. Especially for women, it’s common to find darker skin tones between the thighs. We’ve all been inconvenienced in the summer by hot and sweaty chafing. 

Not ideal for bikini season, let me tell you.

Not only is it uncomfortable but that could really play on anyone’s insecurities. Unlike the anus (well for the majority of people) the inner thighs are commonly visible and being hyper-aware of your skin issues can seem to dangle over your head. Intilight skin lightening can also be used as a cost-effective and safe way to combat the annoying outcome of constant rubbing. It works wonders on your inner thighs and your confidence!

Upper Lip

This may seem odd but this is actually a come-back from the 80’s! Anyone else remember those Clairol bleaching kits? And the inevitable orange tint that came with that 80s upper lip? 


Well thank god for technology because it’s back and definitely better than ever. It’s found to be pretty common that most women find that – especially in selfies – their upper lip looks darker. 

There’s just nothing worse than a faux mustache. Especially when that’s not the look you’re going for. A nice alternative to shaving, waxing and plucking… bleaching has your back… or, really, lip. It’s actually the most common area to be bleached and there are full upper lip bleaching kits available to support you along the way. 

Stretch Marks, Scars, Hyperpigmentation

Skin lightening and anal bleaching creams are not solely for the large areas of skin, but can be used in even the smallest areas. Whether it’s a scar from an injury, or dark spots from the sun or acne, or stretch marks that tend to show up and ruin the show whenever it pleases… Intilight skin lightening and anal bleaching cream can be applied to all of these conditions. With consistency, Intilight skin lightening cream can help reduce the appearance of these issues, big or small. ‘Cause really there is no limit! Why live with them if you don’t want or have to. 


This area is also pretty common. Most people already shave their armpit hair. Whether they shave, wax, laser, etc. But for those who don’t have a lot of armpit hair or notice that shaving, for example, starts to cause discoloration to the skin under the armpit… there’s bleaching. Dark creases in the armpit or discoloration from shaving is sometimes.. visibly unavoidable. Sleeveless dress, tank tops, or wearing swimsuits leaves too much to bare. For these areas, homemade and 100% natural skin lightening agents can be used to help combat the dark corners of our arms. 

Use natural items like lemon juice to create mixtures or scrubs to make homemade skin lightening bleach. Be consistent because homemade skin lighteners are known to take longer but overtime you’ll see your skin naturally lighten. 

Is Skin Lightening the Same for all Parts of the Body?

There’s no one-size-fits-all method for skin lightening. Considering everyone’s skin differs in color, type, and types of issue they’re looking to remedy. Not to mention everyone has differing expectations and goals for their desired skin. Some are looking for radical differences, some are looking to get rid of minor discoloration or scarring. Can’t apply the same rules all around. 

But yes, skin lightening can be done on a majority of the body, including darker skin. Some areas may be hard to reach and others may be more sensitive. Making sure you’re picking the right products for your skin, and your targeted area is extremely important. Anyone can make skin bleaching mistakes, even those with fairer skin. It can be tricky. 

The Sensitive Parts

There’s no doubt the sensitive parts of our body might leave us a little wary. It’s definitely something to consider and think about. Typically skin close to vital or sensitive organs. This could be around the genitals or the perineal region. With skin lightening and bleaching strong ingredients finding its way down the wrong avenues can lead to problems like contractures, pain, and scarring. It’ll be beneficial to find products that contain ingredients that are suitable for your skin and the type of skin you’re looking to lighten. Check the labels and look for products like Intilight that incorporate natural ingredients into its product.  Intilight was clinically formulated by dermatologist, Dr. Balshi, for the best anal bleaching results.

Dr. Thomas Balshi is board certified in both internal medicine and dermatology. He has extensive training in both medical and surgical disciplines. His specialties include the aesthetic enhancement of pigmented skin conditions, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, and cosmetic dermatology procedures. 

Consider Why Areas Get Dark

When deciding on a bleaching agent for multiple parts of your body, consider the reason each area darkened. Not all areas are dark as a result of the same issues. This is something to consider when trying to gauge what type of reaction your skin may have because they may not react the same. Superficially dark areas will not take as long as stretch marks or deep scarring. 

This means types of treatment and length of treatment will have to be timed differently for different results. Prepping for skin lightening may be different for each area and the level of penetration may vary. Extra treatment may be necessary. 

Taking special consideration for some parts of your body, especially with sensitive or thin skin, means considering a treatment that uses a bleaching agent that is gentle to avoid damaging the skin. 

Most of these areas can be lightened easily in two to four weeks. Getting these areas to match the rest of your skin tone will be guaranteed ready to flaunt with your summer body. 

Feeling our best is important and if you’re considering skin lightening or anal bleaching get started today! Nothing like feeling confident in the skin you’re in – literally. 

Choose Intilight Skin Lightening For Those Darker Areas

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