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DIY: How To Bleach Your Skin At Home

Do you find yourself wanting to reach for skin bleach every time you tan your skin on vacation? Maybe you’re pretty particular about your beauty regime? But you’ve become skeptical and maybe a little confused on what skin bleaching actually is? You just know you have a perfect shade in mind.

Have no fear! Intilight is here to give you clear guidance and answer some lingering questions you may have floating around. Hope you’re excited!

So, What Is Skin Bleaching?

Bleaching agents and ingredients are normally used to gradually lighten the dark spots, or heavily pigmentated areas of the skin. The majority of skin bleaching isn’t necessarily tied to color and shade, but more as a color correction for blemishes, freckles, and age spots. This is commonly called skin bleaching. 

This can be done using lasers, pills, creams, gels, or even soaps. You can make an appointment in a professional in-office setting for treatments like laser therapy and chemical peels. These also address a lot of the pigmented issues someone may feel they need to correct. 

But that sounds really extreme, right? Changing the color of the skin. Even the word bleach seems a bit harsh. So, how does it work? 

Well, your skin color is determined by how much melanin your skin produces. This is the natural development of the skin pigment made by the skin cells and those are called melanocytes

Everyone has the same number of melanocytes but the production of melanin varies from each person to each person. Simply to say, people with darker skin produce a lot more melanin than someone with fairer skin. Skin bleach, whether it be a soap, cream, or gel, helps minimize the production of melanin in the skin. This gives it the lighter appearance. 

It’s safe to say that many people are affected by imperfect skin. Scarring, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation are a battle for almost everyone. Skin bleaching or lightening creams are used to fade them. 

So next question: how do you choose the right skin bleaching cream and how do you use it? 

Causes For Common Skin Blemishes

Skin imperfections or blemishes can be the aftermath of:

  • Age spots or liver spots
  • Freckles, moles or birthmarks.
  • Scars left behind after an acne breakout.
  • Dark patches of pigmentation are sometimes caused by taking contraceptive pills.

Depending on the level of severity of each, some people find these things a minor inconvenience. Some have slight concern and some people may deal with distress from embarrassment and anxiety. Which can cause withdrawal, depression and other emotional problems. 

What Are The Benefits?

  • “Bleach helps you to get rid of tan and uneven skin tone. The upper layer of your skin gets exfoliated when you rinse off the bleaching cream, making it visibly brighter and glowing.”
  • “Dark spots are mostly caused by sun exposure, hormonal changes, and aging. Skin bleaching treatment can give a temporary solution to hide skin discoloration due to dark spots, acne, and freckles.” Trusted Source

Skin Bleaching Ingredients

A lot of skin bleaching remedies are made of various substances. A lot of times, the number one component being hydrogen peroxide. This helps to decrease the melanin production in your skin. It also helps to lighten facial hair as well as help to remove tans. The interactions between sodium hypochlorite and human skin is a complex method and not fully understood. But it has a similar effect as hydrogen peroxide.

One of the most popular skin lightening agents on the market is Hydroquinone. It’s known to be one of the best in curing various types of hyperpigmentation. All of these ingredients are formulated to make your skin appear much brighter and lighter. 

DIY Skin Bleach At-Home

Just like with anything else. Consider bleaching to be part of your skin regime. Take special care and all precautions when it comes to using skin lightening creams. Make sure to read all instructions and do your research. Here are a few things to make note of, after applying creams like Intilight skin lightening and bleaching cream. 

Before Applying Skin Bleaching Anything…

  • Avoid applying bleach to injured skin, open wounds, irritated skin, or rashes to avoid worsening your current skin’s condition. 
  • Skin bleaching can make your skin more sensitive than normal. Especially if you already deal with naturally sensitive skin. Avoid applying any harsh or strong cleansers before bleaching your skin. This could make the skin extremely irritated.
  • Ensure to try a small patch test about 48 hours before actually bleaching your skin. This will help you figure out if your skin reacts oddly to the skin bleaching cream.
  • Avoid areas like the eyebrows and/or eyes. These areas are sensitive and more likely to react.
  • In case of irritation, make sure to prepare a cool rag, ice cubes, a cold compress, or anything chilled. 
  • Make sure to avoid getting the skin bleaching cream in places you weren’t planning to lighten. Like your hair! Tie it up so it stays out of the way. 
  • Each brand has their own personal set of instructions, make sure to follow it thoroughly. 

General Skin Bleaching Procedure

Step 1

Take the cream and the powder provided in the bleaching packet and mix it well. Or whatever is provided in the kit. 

Step 2

Gently apply the mixture on your face and/or the areas you want to bleach. Make sure you have applied the mixture evenly.

Step 3

Leave the mixture on your skin for as long as the instructions says and not more than that. Exceeding this time can cause itchiness.

Step 4

Use clean cotton balls and cool water to rinse off the bleach. Clean the area properly with water.

Step 5

Pat your skin dry with a soft towel. You can run an ice cube all over if you feel any kind of uneasiness. Apply a mild moisturizer to let your skin breathe.

Skin Care After Skin Bleaching

  • Avoid going into the sun. Sun exposure helps increase the production of melanin in your skin. 
  • Make sure to wear SPF protection if you do go outside. It’s even recommended to wear SPF inside because of the exposure through the windows. 
  • Don’t over-bleach. Only use the product as intended, nothing more. 

How Long Does Skin Lightening and Bleaching Last?

Unfortunately, and maybe sometimes – fortunately, skin bleaching is not a permanent solution for skin problems. However, if you properly maintain the results, skin bleaching effects will last close to four weeks!

It is suggested, to maintain desired results that continued use is necessary. Refer to the instructions on how frequently application is necessary. It varies from person to person.

How Do You Know Which Is Best For Your Skin Type?

Probably the most intriguing question! Depending on your skin color and type will matter! If you have darker skin or say, more sensitive skin. Checking out the ingredients will behoove you. This way getting and maintaining results specifically for your shade and skin sensitivity will yield the best results. Possibly ammonia-free, natural ingredient-lead Vitamin C-type formulas are important. Whereas, if you have fairly normal skin, choosing any bleaching cream may leave you low on the risk factor for a bumpy ride. 

What If The Bleach Burns?

When finding the right skin bleaching creams, if you follow the advice above, this is a rare occurrence. If it does happen to happen… immediately wash the affected area with cold water. Once you rinse off the entirety of the cream, put a cold compress on the area or gently rub an ice cube on the inflamed skin. 

If it becomes too serious, call your doctor for a consultation. 

Although there are no serious or considerable health benefits to skin bleaching other than achieving a desired skin color or tone. It is a great temporary or maintenance solution for skin pigmentation issues. Easy, affordable, and all done in the privacy of your own home! Doesn’t sound too bad!

It is suggested to discuss this with a dermatologist in case of any specific queries or needs to achieve your desired skin. Advice from a professional is always the move! Especially if you find yourself dealing with skin conditions or issues that seem to be unresolved.

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