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FAQs About Anal Bleaching

What Is Anal Bleaching?

Anal bleaching is the medical term for lightening the skin around the anus. Mostly done for cosmetic purposes, anal bleaching, specifically, has become pretty popular. 

There are many ways to attain a lighter butt. You can do it at home with salon-strength topical creams, with natural products like orange peels, or in a professional salon with a trained physician. 

The name, overall, is pretty self-explanatory. Exactly what it seems. And the process doesn’t vary (only the length of time) from skin to skin. It is the same for every gender and people at all ages. 

Beauty standards like whiter anuses started from the idea that lighter skin creates a more even, and cleaner look downstairs. It can be done for visual preferences, or simply because with age our bodies change everywhere, especially by the crown jewels. Or maybe it’s because we don’t always notice the gradual change that starts to take place. 

Unless you’re real up-to-date on your cash and prizes over the years. 

Which, I’m here to tell you, those changes are pretty natural.

 – phew! I know, right?

But the word bleach – a strong word in relation to our buttholes – make this type of change sound scary… to some. Butt we assure you, the process is not as scary as the impression it may give at first.

Have no fear… bleach is not here! 

The word bleach is a general representation or the process. And from what I can think of, the word that is likely the most accurate word to describe that process as a (w)hole.  But there is no way and there has been no way an agent as strong as bleach would be used in an area that is one of the most vulnerable on our bodies. And if you just so happen to find – not likely – that a product advertises anal bleaching or skin lightening with actual bleach… run! I say to you! 

You’ll find natural ingredients like Kojic Acid used in many skin lightening products. Kojic acid is found in part of the natural rice fermentation process. Using an ingredient like this is pretty normal. It is currently being used in many anal bleaching and food products. It’s organic, and helps get the job done. 

And if you don’t have the extra money to spend in salons or spas for a professionally whiter bum, then home creams may be the best option for a perfect booty. Results may vary based on skin color and sensitivity of your skin. 

For obvious reasons. When the skin is darker, reaching a lighter color means the anal bleaching process has to lift several more shades than lighter skin colors to reach optimal coloring.

Why Does Anyone Do It?

Aside from exploding in popularity because of conversations by the Kardashians, other forms of intimate prepping like “manscaping” – for example – has become not only popular, but a staple in men’s “beauty” routines. Which means, making intimate grooming common through mainstream media gives treatments like anal bleaching an accessible platform which in turn, becomes a more popular topic of conversation, which in turn becomes a more public curiosity and standard. 

Topics like sex have become less taboo and people have become aware of the things that make them uncomfortable or less confident in the bedroom. And many people are concerned with how they look down there.

Anal bleaching gives you a safe and effective way to increase your confidence and feel great during any of your intimate moments. With access to anal bleaching right in your home, feeling good about yourself can be attained in a safe, affordable, and private way. Even so, some people are not comfortable baring it all to a total stranger, no matter how many butts this stranger has seen. The overwhelming demand of skin lightening treatments has now turned into an at-home DIY option. 

Is Anal Bleaching Safe?

Picking the right product will be a huge determining factor in the risks you take when anal bleaching. Not all anal bleaching treatments are equal. This also means paying close attention to all instructions for that product. This helps avoid skin irritations or chemical burns along the way. 

‘Cause who wants to deal with an anal anus!

Look for harmful ingredients (no bleach!). 

Look for topical creams that are considered no-nos by doctors and dermatologists. 

Look for DIY anal bleaching products like Intilight – based in South Florida, and clinically formulated by dermatologist, Dr. Balshi, for the best anal bleaching results.

Who is Dr. Balshi, you ask? Dr. Thomas Balshi is board certified in both internal medicine and dermatology. He has extensive training in both medical and surgical disciplines. His specialties include the aesthetic enhancement of pigmented skin conditions, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, and cosmetic dermatology procedures. 

Look for and avoid substances that are banned by other countries. Do the research on the ingredients listed on your potential purchases. Play it safe! 

There are no replacement assholes.

Look for ingredients that are recommended for the skin and contain natural ingredients that help bleach the skin, not just on your butt [but] on your nipples, armpits, vagina… well you get it. 

Harsh ingredients that equal quicker results don’t necessarily mean safe and effective.

With side effects like scarring, ochronosis, burning, and an increased risk of chronic conditions like cancer, do yourself a favor and do the research. With at-home products having complete control of the process and whitening products you use is a great advantage. 

When you decide on a specific topical, test it out on your skin by applying smaller amounts. See if your skin becomes irritated or even look for allergic reactions. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can stop and avoid any further issues. 

How Does Anal Bleaching Work?

Knowing how they work is extremely helpful when paying for a DIY kit yourself.

Skin bleaching products work by reducing skin’s melanin – or pigment – as it forms. This helps when old skin cells die off, the new skin cells that are produced are shades lighter than the original pigment. Being able to help the skin cell regeneration along is a great aid to skin lightening creams. Removing excess dead skin cells by exfoliating with scrubs or loofahs can help speed up the process. 

And be SURE to read and follow the instructions carefully!

Is It Painful?

Anal bleaching can be mildly uncomfortable. But, painful? Unlikely. 

When it comes to topical lightening ingredients, there may be a mild stinging sensation throughout the skin. However, with laser anal bleaching procedures, those may be considered more uncomfortable. With those, a technician will most likely apply topical anesthesia to mildly numb the skin and reduce additional discomfort.  

As the skin regains feeling, there may be a heightened discomfort or mild burning and taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication can help reduce the sensitivity in the skin. 

If you start to experience more severe stinging, burning or itching, call your healthcare provider immediately.

When it comes to at-home topical creams, look for products with ingredients that have been proven to be safe on the skin. And as with in salon procedures, if you feel any level of pain or severe discomfort, stop treatment and wash your skin ASAP. 

What Color Should You Expect?

The end results of your color will depend on your natural skin tone. On average, anal bleaching will lighten the skin around your anus by a few shades. However, the optimal pink color may not be achievable depending on your skin type. 

There is a distinct difference with at-home treatments than salon treatments. At-home treatments do take longer and need a more consistent treatment routine. Mostly because DIY and at-home products are not as strong as a professional salon treatment. Professional procedures can start to see results in as little as one session. 

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Results can and will vary person to person, skin type to skin type. With at-home topical products, you can start to see results within 4 to 6 weeks, whereas with professional treatments, results can start to show in as little as one session. 

All depending on your natural skin tone. 

Are The Results Permanent?

For long-term results, continuing treatment regularly will keep you with your ideal color long-term. 

With daily activities like running, sweating, rubbing, walking, or anything that may cause friction, will continue to increase skin pigmentation. 

Therefore, continued treatment will keep results more permanent. 

Once you’ve reached your desired skin color. If you decided on laser anal bleaching, touchups every six months will be necessary to maintain results.

When it comes to topical treatments versus professional-grade products, over-the-counter products typically don’t last as long as professional salon treatments.

Staying perfectly pink will mean regular bleaching. You can determine the amount of treatments depending on how your skin reacts. Everyone’s skin is different, therefore, will react in unique ways to skin lightening. 

When you’re happy with the shade of your hole, applying the cream can be a daily to weekly beauty routine to maintain that shade. 

It is also recommended to use wet wipes instead of toilet paper wipes to avoid staining. 

Your Bottom Line

When done correctly, anal bleaching is perfectly safe. 

If you’re interested in or considering anal bleach, talk to your dermatologist. They can help suggest the best practice for your bum and help diagnose underlying skin issues that cause increased pigmentation. 

Without underlying safety and health concerns, dermatologists like Dr. Balshi can help recommend reputable products like Intilight for anal bleaching and skin lightening to help you attain your booty goals. 

For More On Safe Anal Bleaching At Home – Check Out Intilight!

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