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Anal Bleach, Anal Bleaching, DIY Skin Lightening, Skin Care, Skin Lightening / 11.5.20

Fire In The Hole! Is Anal Bleaching Safe?

Without trying to solve one problem and cause another, it’s good to think about… safety when it comes to skin lightening. Particularly, your anus.

I believe it was Bruno Mars who sang “You are amazing, just the way you are…”. I’d like to think he meant it for everyone and everyone’s butthole is included. 

You know, the part of ‘you’ that is amazing. 

Rest assured, even though you may think it’s unusual, your area is supposed to be – and is naturally – darker than other parts of your body. But at the end of the day, it is your butthole and what you think matters. If you feel it could be more amazing, we’re here for it. 

Let’s be clear, this is nothing like lightening your hair (butt hairs included), we’re talking the actual skin here. Anal bleaching aims to lighten the pigmentation of the skin that has darkened over time due to culprits like: irritation, friction, hormones and just plain ole age. So don’t fret, this happens to everyone. 

Deciding to put away the stigma and attempt to achieve perfection doesn’t have to be a lonely road. Anal bleaching is catching up to trends like the Brazilian waxing. Everyone’s heard of the Brazilian Wax. Nothing weird about that now, is it? And with the wide variety of options coming forth to help you achieve the greatest gift you could give yourself, you have options. 

But safety first.

Home Remedies For Anal Bleaching Safe Practice

There are many ways to achieve a glorious butthole without ever having to use harsh chemicals in all our sensitive areas. There are a few every day natural ingredients we can show you, that will have you walking the aisles of your grocery store as a modern day chemist. Just kidding, not really, but at least there will be a few things you could use that will have you walking down the produce aisle and not the pharmacy aisle.

Here are some natural products – but not limited to:

Citrus Extracts:

Citrus fruits are known to have natural skin bleaching agents. And what do we always associate citrus fruits like oranges with? Vitamin C. 

Vitamin C plays a role in producing collagen fibers. These fibers help support your skin and keep it firm. Vitamin C also slows down the production of melanin in the skin which normally causes the skin to become darker. Citrus fruits like Oranges and Lemons can be diluted with water and applied to the skin to promote the proliferation of new skin cells. An added benefit? Being rich in antioxidants which can help over skin complexion. 


Papaya is a highly nutritious fruit and widely known for its skincare properties. It brightens the complexion and also acts as a natural bleaching agent. Also rich in antioxidants, Papayas are known for helping the regeneration of the skin cells. This means beautiful skin! This helps brand new skin push out old skin and reach the surface to the outer layers. In turn, creating a lighter-brighter complexion.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera supports the skin in many ways. Add to the list: an anti-inflammatory skin lightening agent. Aloe Vera products help cell division and repair damaged tissue. Also used as a non-toxic melanocytic agent to treat hyperpigmentation

You can make a paste with Aloe Vera by adding Lemon, and Honey!


Yogurt contains lactic acid which works as – you guessed it – a natural skin lightening agent. As well as a natural skin moisturizer. Yogurt can be mixed with Turmeric to create a paste and apply it to the area of the skin you want to lighten. Yogurt can also be applied to spots and blemishes on the skin to help remove any uneven skin tone and discoloration. 

Be It, Your Perfect Shade

Beauty has no specific color tone but in the manner you lighten your skin to your perfect shade, matters. These natural remedies are popular and studied to work on all skin types. Making skin lightening and anal bleaching safe for everyone. Just like any skin cosmetic, test a patch of skin for irritation or reaction especially if you have specific allergies to certain ingredients.

It’s true, natural ingredients work, but take a lot longer than professional products. Depending on skin sensitivity, skin complexion, and what you consider your perfect shade, your timeline for a perfect anus may be delayed.  

We can’t stress enough or overestimate how important it is to take care of your skin. It’s the largest organ that protects your body from infection and disease. So creating any further damage to it’s defenses is not something anyone is looking to do. However, if you’re looking to take the guesswork out of natural remedy pastes, professional services, and at-home cosmetics, I have one name for you… Intilight. 

Intilight, Your Board-Certified and Award Winning Solution 

Intilight was formulated by a board-certified, award-winning dermatologist. Using the best high-end ingredients you can find on the market, making anal bleaching safe for everyone. It’s an easy application and not only lightens the skin but hydrates and nourishes your body and your booty. It can conveniently lighten your skin, whether you’re younger or older, in any lifestyle, looking for a boost or just a subtle change, Intilight skin lightening is easy to fit all your needs. 

Debatably the one of the best at-home anal bleaching solutions. Have it delivered directly to your door, discreetly if you please, and save yourself the travel. If the do-it-yourself-at-home remedies become too much or you don’t have that extra cash to spend on professional salons, know you’re in good hands with Intilight. And you’ll never have to ask, is anal bleaching safe?

Because it is now!

Never Ask if Anal Bleaching Is Safe Again!

Get started on your dream complexion. Feel free and confident in your perfectly picked out shade. Intilight is here for your skin lightening journey, and to help you change your life for the better with no compromise to your skin. Get your package today on intilight.com and follow us for more anal inspiration on Instagram at @intilight!