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Anal Bleaching, Skin Lightening / 6.20.19

How to Know if Intimate Skin Care is for you

How to know if intimate skin care is for you. Let’s dive into the world of anal bleaching and the lightening of intimate areas. Skin lightening trends have gained popularity in the United States within the last 2 years. Countries such as India, Africa, and Asia have been taking part in these lightening procedures and beauty trends for many years before. Many people relate anal bleaching with porn stars, escorts or the gay community, yet they are not the only demographic who partake in this skin regime. Skin bleaching has a stigma attached to it and many people are now beginning to challenge those ideas and judgments. All walks of life have skin discoloration, especially in their intimate areas. Areas under the armpits, between the thighs, butt, nipples, genitals, and even scars have an excess of melanin and hyper-pigmentation due to many factors. If you were confused why armpits are one of the most common areas for dark pigments to build up here’s why: friction. Clothing and a buildup of moisture are constantly rubbing this region of the body. Some people are then self-conscious while wearing short sleeves, dresses, or tank tops. With summer upon us this becomes an issue many people are taking control over through skin lightening procedures. Same thing goes for the inner thighs, this too is an area with much friction on a daily basis. More people around the world are accepting skin lightening because it is not only for sexual reasons, although the peachy parts too have an excess of melanin, causing the color to be different than the rest of the body. The same way people shave or wax their bodies for that smooth look goes hand and hand with anal bleaching. Reasons for skin discoloration might surprise you. The factors for skin discoloration can range from childbirth, age, hormone imbalance, birth control, medication, weight gain, chemical burn, race, too much sun exposure, friction from clothing, and even excess moisture. The act of anal bleaching or lightening those peachy parts should not be shameful! Anal bleaching is meant for anyone who is looking to remove discolorations of the skin, not only butt cracks.The anal bleaching market is flowing with products and procedures to gain control over the natural occurance of darkening skin. Different debates and controversy are sometimes raised with negativity stating that bleaching and lightening products go against one’s heritage or race. Intilight is a safe, effective and affordable product that is not meant to alter the color of your skin you were born with, but the hormonal discoloration that happens as “life happens”. Intilight is your best choice as an anal bleaching cream for dark spots because the product contains natural ingredients, and is yet still effective in reaching the results people desire. Intilight is created by Dr. Thomas Balshi, who wanted an anal bleaching cream without all of the harsh chemicals that are in most products on the market today. Thomas Balshi has extensive training in both medical and surgical disciplines. With studies in microbiology, medicine, and dermatology and currently sits as governor on the board of American Academy of Specialists in Dermatology. Dr. Balshi has clinically tested on over 1,000 patients over the last 6 years. Intilight is guaranteed to give you flawless results after 45 days or you will get your money back! The treatment takes a little under 2 weeks to see a lighter difference in skin tone, wherever you choose to use the cream. The Intilight cream works to reduce the accumulation of pigment in those sensitive, intimate areas. Anal bleaching no longer has to be the butt of many jokes. Today, different kinds of people want to use anal bleaching products for a variety of reasons. People with darker skin tones suffer the most from the build up of melanin in their private areas. Melanin is a natural chemical produced in the body and works to protect the body from the rays of the sun. The more melanin, the darker the skin gets. Intilight works by controlling the build up pigment and lightens the area where the cream is applied. The results from Intilight will last as long as you continue to use the product. For best results Intiilght is meant to be used twice a day on clean dry skin. Dr. Balshi’s product is affordable, therefore it is feasible to maintain your healthier, smoother looking bum. Intilight is a semi-permanent product, leaving room for people who don’t like the results (which is few and far between). As opposed to the spa or doctor visits, Intilight can be applied in the comfort and security of your own home. Intilight was designed by a doctor who wanted a clinical treatment to be available in peoples homes. You can get this product delivered to your door, and they ship internationally as well. Positives to Intilight is affordability, quick absorption, effectiveness, privacy, and confidence. The lightening cream does not cause any pain, discomfort or irritation. Intilight is made with natural ingredients, such as jojoba and apricot oil helps to keep the sensitive areas from drying out. People who know they have sensitive skin can test out the product on a hidden area before applying to their intimate, peachy parts. The smooth, flawless appearance that Intilight delivers helps men and women overcome insecurities regarding skin imperfections. Confidence can help people succeed in many areas of their lives. Intilight helps people regain their sexual confidence with their partners or if single too! The stigma around anal bleaching is diminishing as beauty trends take center stage on social media and the internet. Perfect skin is an idea that has taken over the beauty industry. To have an even skin tone is a goal people globally are trying to attain. Intilight’s anal bleaching product helps to restore the natural, healthy, and lighter  looking pigments of the skin. The doctors of Intilight are always on call and quick to thoroughly answer all of your skin lightening, anal bleaching questions you might have.