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Skin Lightening and Anal Bleaching: From Plum To Peachy

Skin lightening could be used for just about any skin pigmentation. Whatever your preference. Whether you have dark or light skin, skin lightening can benefit anyone of any complexion. Problem zones that develop like hyperpigmentation, darkening skin spots, scars, freckles, or sensitive areas like the anus. Skin lightening or skin bleaching can help you achieve your preferred appearance overall and successfully lighten the skin for and to all shades.

Small or large, your skin is a suitable canvas for skin lightening in any undesired area. Whether it be a dark spot or an entire anus. Intilight skin lightening bleach cream is obtainable and safe. Since skin lightening is a gradual process, choosing your preferred shade is easy. Maintaining a specific color is easy. Even returning to a darker pigment and reversing colors can be done in time and is… you guessed it. Easy! 

A pain-free process and easy to order in the privacy of your own home. Or your friend’s house, or your partner’s house, or whenever you feel comfortable bleaching your skin. The point is, it’s a portable solution. 

Wherever you land. 

Choose Your Shade With Intilight

Intilight skin lightening is a product that allows you to choose your shade, at the pace you feel comfortable. By using the recommended amount, skin lightening may start to happen as early as two weeks with proper prep and care. Twice a day for two weeks, effortless, undetected, odorless, and a smooth and moisturized skin finish. 

Add it to your beauty routine right next to brows and a Brazilian waxing. Skin lightening and anal bleaching have gained traction in popularity and shedding it’s risque reputation. Becoming a worldwide trend.

As silly as it might sound, we always seem to want what we don’t have. And with this growing popular trend across the world, there are a number of treatments and products sold for the purpose of lightening darker areas of the skin. All skin tones and features can benefit from Intilight skin lightening. In other Western nations, naturally paler women seek to tan or darken themselves to fit their idea of the Western beauty standard. But many people with naturally dark skin look for the exact opposite. 

Men and women in some parts of the world like Japan, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America are all places where skin lightening is popular. It’s marketed for the hands, face, and all the places in between. Literally. 

In some cultures, they place high value on light skin tones. Skin color is often described to distinguish social class. This ideal has been dated back all the way to colonialism. Not only is skin lightening supporting those who wish to feel a higher social status but is also encouraged and influenced by prominent people, celebrities, and media. 

Changing skin tones can be a huge decision. And part of embracing our characteristics, are also embracing those characteristics we’d like to change. Be proud of who you are and what makes you beautiful. 

Early Prevention

There are a few things that can help prevent the majority of skin changes in a person’s lifetime. Using sunscreen can help prevent darker pigmentations from forming. Learning how to balance and fluctuate hormones, exfoliating, moisturizing, and avoiding picking at skin can help keep darker spots at bay.

For everything else, there’s Intilight skin lightening and anal bleaching. It’s simple to use and only takes a few minutes a day. For areas of your skin you want to treat, easy, and at-home with zero recovery time. Other laser treatments, chemical peels and procedures like microdermabrasion can irritate your skin for days and take weeks to heal. Skin lightening treatments like Intilight leave you with no worry. No redness, no peeling, no time to heal and the ability to return back to your regular routine. 

In fact, products like Intilight for skin lightening and bleaching help with skin problems. For many women, skin lightening products help remove discoloration completely and help them develop a better complexion. Which in turn, improves self confidence. 

Flaws on the skin can cause major self-confidence issues. Our skin is visible to everyone, which leaves flaws exposed and a left over self-conscious and particularly, unattractive feeling. Taking control of your skin is the first step to rebuilding that confidence. 

Dark Spots Be Gone!

Dark spots on the skin are common on everyone. They can develop everywhere. Dark spots are not just limited to developing on the face but as most people have discovered… intimate areas. Skin lightening products like Intilight can be used for a variety of desired results. With it’s carefully formulated and natural ingredients. Intilight is safe, without harmful chemicals and versatile for all needs, even in the most sensitive areas. With Intilight, the need for a professional dermatologist consultation can be eliminated with a product specifically formulated by a Dermatologist, Dr. Balshi himself. 

Intilight skin lightening is not only for dark spots but wounds or injury. Injuries have been known to result in scarring and with exposure to the sun, discoloration can increase over time. 

Blotchy skin and uneven skin pigments can develop in a multitude of different ways. People can be born with them, develop after acne, sun sports, or even bug bites. Even from fabric that chafes against the skin and causes discoloration. Mostly in or around the armpits. 

Hormones also cause hyperpigmentation. Especially during pregnancy. Increased estrogen can cause melasma. Commonly found on the face, mostly in gray or brown patches and more frequent with darker skin tones. Each person is different. With variables like genetics and skin shade all have different effects on the skin. 

The one thing they have in common is location: all seen on the face, hands, chest, and neck. 

Intilight is a way to remedy an uneven skin tone in a swift and affordable way. Not only quick and cost effective but the maintenance and longevity of your end results are easy to maintain in the private if that’s your style. 


Before the freckle trend, freckles may have been unruly for some. Or let’s say, not a preference. Maybe still, even with additions like Snapchat and Instagram filters that make freckles more popular, freckles may not be on your particular beauty radar. Not only are people born with them but they also can be caused or increased by exposure to the sun. Skin lightening creams like Intilight can be used to reduce the appearance of freckles. Intilight also alleviates the worry for breakouts! With it’s natural ingredients, acne prone skin can worry-no-more with Intilight skin lightening. It’s been known to actually enhance the quality of your skin and keep it moisturized throughout the day. 

And if you think Intilight skin lightening is only good for areas of your body you can see… expand that thought a little farther, or [deeper] because our sensitive nether regions can benefit too. 

Now, don’t everyone jump at once…

Flawless skin shouldn’t be reserved just for your face. And, now it’s not and you can tell people. You don’t even have to keep it a secret anymore. Like freckles, anal bleaching trends have risen and the taboo nature of it has shed some skin. (No pun intended). Intilight skin lightening is down for the get-down. No matter how sensitive you may be about your peachier (or soon-to-be) parts. 

Intilight is safe for all intimate areas. By following the instructions, anal bleaching side effects can be avoided and yet be just as effective as your neighboring professional salon. Guaranteed to have the best anal bleaching and skin lightening cream on your hands and on your butt, bringing your plum to peachy is easy.

Regain Better Confidence

Taking care of yourself helps anyone feel better. Not just looking but feeling your best can make a world of difference. Compared to the medical treatments like laser and chemical peels, skin lightening at home is much cheaper. Even having to replenish your stash of Intilight for skin lightening or anal bleaching, still doesn’t add up to rebuilding medically. 

Which leaves maintenance easy to keep up with. If you want the best results, maintaining your skin care routine is crucial. But topical skin treatments like Intilight, means you don’t need to worry, your new skin lightening routine can take the place of your old skin care routine. No fuss, no hassle, no extra work. Unless it’s ‘werk’. 

Intilight skin lightening can be used on all skin tones and shades, it’s not greasy, affordable, fragrance-free, and effective. Don’t just listen to us! You might have to try it for yourself!

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Looking for ways to help your complexion? Remove sun spots? Get rid of acne scarring? Or just prefer a plain-ole-light light ring tone? Check out Intilight for skin lightening and anal bleaching for gradual and natural skin bleaching results. 

Based in South Florida, Dr. Thomas Balshi is board certified in both internal medicine and dermatology. He has extensive training in both medical and surgical disciplines. His specialties include the aesthetic enhancement of pigmented skin conditions, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, and cosmetic dermatology procedures. Dr. Balshi expertly developed the Intilight anal cream formula to be the safest, most effective, and reliable intimate skin lightening cream on the market. Visit Intilight.com or Southflderm.com , and check out our Instagram @intilight for more butt-spiration!