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Anal Bleach, Anal Bleaching, DIY Skin Lightening, Skin Care, Skin Lightening / 11.13.20

Tips For Great-Ass Expectations

You would never assume the new up-and-coming or any emerging trends would involve your anus. Unless that’s just how you roll. Or it’s your job. Much like many trends start out, anal bleaching may seem crazy to some but has become so common among us… ordinary people. No longer reserved for the adult industry and your friendly-neighborhood stripper, now it’s for the stay-at-home mom and the CEO of any gender. So have no shame in your butthole game. 

Bleach, please. Bleaching skin is one way men and women modify their bodies to feel more beautiful and confident. Starting with the face, arms, and legs, similar visible areas were only the gateway to anal bleaching. Now, anal bleaching has won the beauty race and taken first place at the trend table, and most people are not afraid to tell you about it.

And if you are… fear no more. 

So Why Do People Bleach Their Skin?

With social moguls like the Kardashians, they get the conversation going. Leading the trends by example, they create a space to talk about something considered taboo and make it normal. Much like other intimate beauty standards. Although skin lightening and anal bleaching have been around, especially in the adult entertainment industry, it’s new to common conversation. With anal bleaching becoming so commonplace, it sets a new bar on beauty standards among the public. Not that the public will be assessing your anal bleaching results, but the shade of your anus is now a consideration.

So why do people bleach their skin? So many reasons – all stemming from wanting to feel confident and attractive. Skin blemishes, dark creases in the skin, and hyperpigmentation. These are all issues – or what someone may deem an issue – why someone may want to resort to skin lightening. That doesn’t exclude anal bleaching. The decision to bleach your butthole can be a decision for personal reasons (that may be kept secret), or a decision made between you and your partner. Achieving the perfect, intimate color, can make anyone feel cleaner, prettier, and more attractive. Whether for themselves, or their partner’s preferences. 

But(t) for those who are shy about wanting a cleanlier look to their nether regions, at-home anal bleaching solutions like Intilight are right up their alley. Literally. 

Anal Bleaching First-timers

Achieving the perfect intimate area color is different from box-bleached hair-dos. And like anything for the first time, a little guidance is always welcomed. Here are a few tips to consider that may help you on your anal bleaching journey:

Ask For References. – You mean ask people about anal bleaching creams? Yes. 

Sounds like an odd reference for conversation but surely you may know some family or friends that have tried skin lightening of their own. It’s become immensely popular and it’s much easier to “phone-a-friend” who can refer you to the best of the best. By experience.

Use the Internet. – One of our greatest resources for information is the internet. If you need any question answered, inkling of information, facts, or history, the internet is the place for all the wonders of the world that are documented and it is all in one place. To learn more about anal bleaching, check out skin lightening forums, reviews, types of ingredients, or anything you may have questions about when it comes to anal bleaching or skin lightening products and the process. 

Reviews. Definitely. Reviews. Check for reviews on products you’re considering. The internet is a very honest place and can provide firsthand information regarding the anal bleaching cream or skin lightening formulas they’ve tried. Not only for specific products but for experiences they’ve had from utilizing different methods and creams for anal bleaching. Reviews and forums can set you up with a general understanding of the at-home skin lightening process from an unbiased customer perspective.

Seek A Dermatologist. –  Dermatologists are perfect resources for information when it comes to skin lightening. They can consult you on the highly sensitive skin around your anus, reactions and side effects you may have, and the ingredients to look for or avoid. Especially if you have any skin disorders

When you invest in Intilight, there is no worry. Intilight skin lightening is based in South Florida, and developed by Dr. Thomas Balshi. Dr. Balshi is board certified in both internal medicine and dermatology. He has extensive training in both medical and surgical disciplines. His specialties include the aesthetic enhancement of pigmented skin conditions, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, and cosmetic dermatology procedures. Dr. Balshi expertly developed the Intilight anal cream formula to be the safest, most effective, and reliable intimate skin lightening cream on the market. Backed by a doctor and safety, Intilight leaves no room for question.

Make Sure To Test. – Regardless if you buy Intilight or another at-home skin lightening and anal cream solution, test it. Test the area or anal region on a small portion of your skin. Testing small dosages will help ensure you do not develop an allergic reaction to the ingredients in any product. If you do, you’ll be aware of it before you try to lighten larger portions of your skin and help avoid detrimental damage to your anus. Certain products can cause redness or swelling. With smaller areas, suffering the consequences will be less painful. Or a mere nuisance. 

Once you are sure you won’t have any reactions, you can proceed to apply the product around your anus or larger areas without worry. 

Set Yourself Up For Success. – Preparing your skin for treatment can ensure you get the best results. If you have hairs growing around your anus, you will need to shave them so the ingredients can be absorbed into the skin a lot easier. Also, scrubbing the skin clean can help remove dead skin cells, trapped fecal debris, or other particles which allows the skin lightening process to work at it’s most optimal.

Look Into Natural Bleaching Ingredients, if you have the time. – It’s possible to find natural ingredients that lighten the skin, well… naturally. It’s not entirely necessary to go out and purchase anal bleaching creams. Some ingredients such as citrus fruits like lemon, or foods like yogurt, and spices like turmeric, are all documented lightening ingredients you can find everyday in anyone’s household. However, compared to specified skin lightening and anal bleaching creams, these often take a lot longer to develop results. Therefore, considered not as effective or not effective at all. If you have the time to dedicate to developing a lighter shade of anal skin all the way downstairs, it might be worth the try. But if you’re looking for a lighter anus on the fly, an at-home anal bleaching solution may be a better fit. 

Considering technology advances quicker and quicker in recent years, these jumps in advancements make it much easier to find safer anal bleaching options for your skin. No one wants to wait years for your anus to see the light of day, so when it comes to anal bleaching, Intilight is a good way to bleach your anus in a safe, effective, and timely manner. Intilight works in a matter of months to slowly create the lighter shade you have always envisioned. All anal skin is different and can vary when it comes to timing and results. However, guaranteed to provide them by catering to your skin shade and type. 

The Potential Risks. – Just like any beauty alteration… anal bleaching also comes with risks. Mostly for those who don’t take these tips seriously. Particularly, not taking the right measures when it comes to bleaching their skin. Doing research, testing anal creams on small portions of skin, and following the provided instructions are all ways to ensure extremely low or almost no risk at all. Easy enough.

If you’re allergic to the cream’s ingredients, have skin disorders, don’t follow instructions, or maybe have extremely sensitive skin, side effects like redness, irritation, and swelling are possible. Take the proper precautions to make sure the results are everything you dreamed your butthole to be, without sacrificing health and safety. Or really an added irritant to your day.

Just think about it! Anal bleaching is entirely personal. Whether it’s for your preferred attractiveness, or to fulfill your partner’s every desires. Achieving this beauty standard and trend is not impossible. And it doesn’t have to come with a price. Choose the finest bleach for your skin lightening needs and enjoy showing off your anus in style. Doubt the tides turn and the trend gods (aka the Kardashians) decide dark buttholes are where it’s at. It’s a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. – That you’ll actually want. –

Which means anal bleaching is for everyone, for all causes, for forever, or even just for the next 20 years. A light anus will always be welcomed with open… arms? Sounds right.

Anal bleaching products like Intilight have become entirely accessible in the most comforting and affordable way. If you’re in the market for a pinker pooper, today is your lucky day. 

Painting your backdoor has become much easier with products like Intilight. So bleach be with you, at your friend’s house or at-home. 

And let your butthole be your guide. 

Keep in mind the tips of the trend and be sure your anal bleaching is the best possible experience. It’s known to be successful and safe, so rinse-and-repeat for desired results. 

For more information on Intilight skin lightening and anal bleaching, check out intilight.com for product purchases. For butt-spiration, follow us on instagram @intilight.