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Anal Bleach, Anal Bleaching, DIY Skin Lightening, Skin Care, Skin Lightening / 1.31.20

Skin Lightening in 2020

New Year, New Skin

Have you always dreamt of flawless skin? Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and its appearance can have a tremendous impact on you and your confidence, there is no shame in that. Not only your face, but every exposed (and not exposed) inch of your skin can impact your life and love life in more ways than you think. If you are self-conscious about your skin in certain areas of your body, you shouldn’t let those insecurities eat at you, your well-being and your relationship.

Define… Flawless Skin

Each and every individual has a different interpretation and well formed opinion on what flawless skin means to them. Flawless skin can be an even complexion, clear, no dark spots and areas, no discoloration, scars, hyperpigmentation and much more. Most importantly – flawless skin is healthy and radiant, spared of harsh chemicals and formulas that are damaging. Healthy ingredients and the right skin care routine is what keeps your skin in its best shape, and you should stop at nothing to give it the care it deserves.

Confidence, please

Confidence is key when it comes to living a happy, fulfilling year. If you are shy or ashamed due to an uneven skin tone or discoloration of certain areas of your body, it is important you focus on taking measures to restore your confidence this year. More individuals than you may think experience uneven skin tones, hyperpigmentation and discoloration in their private areas or ‘peachy parts’ which can impact your confidence and in result, your love life. As a result of these common discolorations, many individuals resort to unsafe and carelessly formulated products which can negatively impact your health and leave you with further discolorations. Or even worse, painful side effects and a sense of hopelessness.

Anal bleaching and skin lightening are two seperate terms for the same process. The decrease and evental stop of production of the melanin pigment in your skin, which gives your skin its darker appearance, through the use of a topical cream containing hydroquinone. Intilight cream uses the chemical ingredient hydroquinone, which with regular application, gently stops the production of melanin over time. Your skin is constantly producing melanin, therefore, skin lightening products have to be applied frequently in order to maintain its lightening effects and results.

When skin imperfections, scars, stretchmarks and hyperpigmentation – specifically in your intimate areas – bother you, it can drastically reduce your quality of life, if you let it get to you. Your self-confidence and self-esteem can decrease if you are unhappy with your skin and are embarrassed for people to catch a glimpse of it. Even though you shouldn’t allow external appearance imperfections to take a toll on you, you can’t help but feel affected on a daily basis. If you are constantly worrying about what people may think about your skin imperfections to an extent that changes your day to day lifestyle, you should consider using an anal bleach and skin lightening product to improve your confidence and life in general.

Put aside the stereotypes

Skin lightening and anal bleaching has made a long overdue transition in the past couple of years, it is now becoming mainstream. Before, people using anal bleaching and skin lightening products would probably be categorized into stereotypes such as only being used by porn stars, adult entertainers and others. After the confessions of several of Hollywood’s A-listers to using bleaching products to keep their skin and peachy parts perfectly flawless, the product has since become more accepted by most. Moving from a rarely spoken of topic to an established element in many skin care routines. Here at Intilight, we are here for this long-overdue transition. We celebrate the normalization of anal bleaching products and resulting empowerment to treat yourself to what you feel is best for you.

The safe way to lighten your skin

If you have decided that this year is the year you are going to make the skin changes you have been wanting to make in your life, carefully consider which product or service you are going to use to do so. In office or salon lightening and anal bleaching services can be painful, damaging to your skin and come with a long list of possible side effect and damages to your skin. This includes the awkward and uncomfortable treatment which entails exposing your most private areas to say the least.

If you are looking for a safer, long-term, professional way to lighten scars, skin and intimate areas of your skin look no further. Intilight anal bleaching cream is carefully formulated by a South Florida Dermatologist, and nourishes your skin while carefully lightening it over time by halting the production of melanin. Ingredients such as Jojoba Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Hyaluronic Acid nourish, hydrate and replenish your skin during the process of skin lightening and anal bleaching – while other products leave your skin damaged. Intilight offers the same results as an in-office treatment, at a lower cost to not only your wallet, but also the health of your skin.

Skin lightening and anal bleaching.. At home?

There are many benefits to achieving your skin goals from the comfort of your home. All of our schedules are hectic, between work, family, friends and responsibilities, the last thing we want to do is take on one more monthly appointment for an uncomfortable bleaching session. Intilight skin lightening and anal bleaching cream yields the same results from the comfort of your home, on your own schedule. It’s easy – just apply twice daily at your convenience for as long as you wish the results to last. You can apply Intilight whenever – on the couch while you are binge watching the new Netflix show, before your dinner date, or before work. Intilight even fits into carry on’s, wherever you travel – Intilight will be with you to keep your skin and peachy parts even in complexion and light.

When will you start seeing results?

Like all good things, lightening your uneven skin, scars, stretchmarks and peachy parts takes time. With the recommended twice a day application, Intilight takes between two to three weeks to yield the results you have been dreaming of. Since every skin and skin imperfection is a little different in nature, times and results can vary accordingly. Some may witness fast results, other skin types may take a little longer to lighten and brighten. Even though instant results would be convenient, a good product decreases the melanin in your skin gently over time, without wreaking havoc on the health of your skin. After all, your skin is the largest organ of your body and you should make sure it is healthy and nourished throughout this transition.

How long will the results last?

Results of skin lightening and anal bleaching with Intilight can start to show in as little as 10 days after using it twice a day. Now the real question is, how long do the results last? Intilight skin lightening and anal bleacing topical cream results can and will last as long as you keep using the product at the daily recommended amount. If the product is consistently applied twice a day your skin will reach its maximum potential results and retain them.

Important considerations

When starting the application of your anal bleaching and skin lightening product, there are a couple of important recommendations to consider in order to yield and maintain the best results. Some of which include staying out of the sunlight or covering treated areas of your skin in order to protect them from sunlight and UV rays. Hydroquinone, the active ingredient in Intilight, slowly decreases the melanin in your skin, resulting in a lighter and clearer appearance. Sunlight on the other hand – does exactly the opposite and therefore can compromise the results of any skin lightening treatment. Don’t worry, you don’t strictly have to stay inside now… you can still expose your skin to the sunlight, just make sure treated areas are covered by clothing, sunblock and out of UV rays sight.

The financial benefits of lightening at home

Laser lightening treatments are a more costly alternative to using an at home topical product. Not only the cost of the treatment, but also taking time out of your busy schedule to drive to the treatment, park, wait and drive back home are additional costs that are incurred when lightening your skin using a laser treatment, not to mention the laundry list of additional potential side effects. Intilight offers a more convenient and cost effective solution to achieving your skin goals. Not only is it cheaper to maintain your light and flawless skin with a healthier product, there are also many bundle deals that can save you additionally. Some of Intilights bundle deals include Buy 2 Get 1 Free, a Six pack bundle including two free bottles of Intilight, and a 12 pack including 4 free products. Purchasing in bundles can save you tons of cash and keep your skin flawless and lighter for longer – without breaking your bank.

So what areas can you use Intilight in?

The many uses of Intilight skin lightening and anal bleaching topical lotion.. If you’re wondering whether your problem zone can be history with the help of Intilight, let’s review all the different areas of your body where Intilight can help. Intilight can be applied to scars, stretchmarks, skin discolorations and uneven skin. Even sensitive areas can be treated including your intimate areas, armpits and nipples. Don’t worry about applying the product to your most sensitive areas, it was formulated with the correct ingredients in order to be gentle in the most sensitive areas of your skin. To play it safe, test the product out on a section of your skin and observe the area for any irritation. If no redness or irritation occurs up to 24-48 hours after application, you are good to start your lightening journey in that area!

What skin types can use Intilight?

Whether your skin is fair, tan or dark – any skin type and color can use Intilight and benefit from its lightening and brightening benefits. However, you should be aware that the darker your complexion is – the longer it will take to achieve your desired results. As darker skin tones naturally have more melanin, it will take a little longer for the product to gently decrease the amount of melanin (dark pigment) in your skin. Always use sunblock or cover your skin while you are using Intilight in order for the product to work correctly and yield faster and better results.

Is using Intilight.. Messy?

Short and simple – no! Intilight is not messy and will not inconvenience you and your lifestyle. You can apply it anytime and anywhere as it absorbs into your skin rapidly with little to no trace shortly after application. No mess on your clothes, sheets or anything else. You can apply Intilight and safely wear any clothing shortly after application and absorption.

Can you lighten your skin and tan?

Generally, you cannot achieve a lighter complexion in certain areas and be tan at the same time. Skin lightening and tanning have reverse effects, tanning and exposure to UV rays increases the production of melanin, whereas the main working ingredient in Intilight encourages the production of it. Therefore, exposing areas of your skin treated with Intilight to sunlight or UV rays may reverse lightening effects. Of course, after applying sunblock to treated areas or covering them up, you can tan all other areas of your skin without a problem.

Are the results of skin lightening and anal bleaching permanent?

The results of Intilight anal bleaching and skin lightening are temporary, as the continued use of the product is required in order to maintain the results. Therefore it is one of the most permanent options on the market, but not completely permanent by any means. The results will only last as long as the product is applied at the suggested frequency. With that you can achieve your results and keep them for as long or short as you wish.

Is Intilight only for women?

Of course, Intilight is not only for women, or men. Intilight can be used by anyone that is old enough, which is 18 and over. The results of Intilight can be achieved by anyone. Not only certain demographics can benefit from even skin, and lighter skin in areas where there is hyperpigmentation – anyone can. Even though popular stereotypes might make you want to think otherwise, Intilight is for everyone.

What age group can use Intilight?

Anyone over the age of 18 can use Intilight for general skin lightening or anal bleaching effectively. However, with age and decrease of certain hormones naturally present in your body dark areas can become darker and more apparent in appearance or start to appear where they were not present before. Because of that, Intilight may become more useful to individuals over time and with a more mature age.

Privacy, Please

The convenience and privacy of purchasing a product like Intilight via our online shop is a factor that is important to our customers and most individuals. You wouldn’t want to scour your local convenience stores, adult shops and other places which may expose you to potential run-ins with people you know for a product such as Intilight. Hey – maybe you are extremely confident and don’t mind it, but just in case you don’t, our online shop is available to you 24/7 and offers expedited shipping. Additional pro is the convenient shipping that puts your favorite product or bundle at your door and in your hands without the hassle of having to go anywhere for it. Plus, if you live by a treat-yo-self mentality, having the gift of Intilight delivered to your doorstep can make your day, and skin, that much brighter.

Travel with Intilight

Every now and then we all have to get away – and your skin care routine shouldnt be left behind. Our anal bleaching and skin lightening product Intilight is conveninetly sized just right for any carry on travel, as it is within the liquid carry on restrictions. This way, whether you are traveling for work or for leisure, Intilight can come with you wherever you go. As the results are dependent on regular and consistent application, we highly recommend taking it with you wherever you go in order to maintain your results. Who wouldn’t want to have lighter, brighter and healthier skin with them on the go?

Here at Intilight, we are stoked you are starting your journey to the best version of your skin and yourself. With this product – your self confidence, and beauty ideals are in your hands and you no longer have to suffer the results of uneven skin and feeling self-conscious. The only thing that matters is feeling good about yourself, inside and out, and that is it. Do this for you. You deserve this. You deserve it all. Especially the skin, and peachy parts of your dreams.

2020 is your year to shine, and the year for your skin to as well. Don’t let anything stop you or come in between you and your skin goals. There should never be anyone or anything stopping your personal growth and goals, especially this year. Start the journey you have been wanting to start for so long, stop listening to the wrong people and do you research, right here.

Intilight anal bleaching and skin lightening is the best product in the market – formulated by board certified dermatologists, sourced with top quality ingredients and made to transform your skin into a healthier (brighter and lighter) version of itself.

There has never been a better time to finally achieve your skin lightening and anal bleaching goals then 2020. Why not get started on your dream skin and complexion right away, rather than putting it off. There is never a more fitting time to feel more confident in yourself and be free of those nagging self-doubts. Each and every person should have the right to make their own decisions for themselves and the skin they live in. Get your package deal today and change your life for the better and brighter. We are fortunate that you are here and look forward to being there for you on your skin lightening journey, and are here for any other questions you may have, anytime. Let’s achieve these skin goals together!

All in all, there are few reasons not to go ahead purchase an at home anal bleaching and skin lightening product such as Intilight instead of following through with painful laser treatments. The benefits of at home skin lightening and anal bleaching by far outrank the ones of other procedures and companies. Products that are applied frequently directly onto your skin, should only include high-end ingredients and be formulated by a professional. Intilight is developed by an award winning, board certified dermatologist located in South Florida, and includes only the best ingredients on the market. With Intilight, your skin is in the best hands, and so are your results. What’s holding you up? Follow us on social media and keep your eye out for extra promo code savings and bundle deals.

Don’t forget to snap those before and after pictures, and share your journey with us and the Intilight community! We are always thrilled to see your progress and the transformation of your skin and your confidence. Empower yourself with Intilight today.