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Anal Bleach, DIY Skin Lightening, Skin Care, Skin Lightening / 10.15.18

Skin Whitening is Trending in 2018

It’s been just a few weeks since everyone celebrated and greeted the New Year 2018. And while there will always be a lot of women – and men – who will be flocking to dermatology clinics to have their Botox treatment, dermal fillers, laser skin treatments, and a host of other treatment modalities that are designed primarily to enhance one’s natural beauty and boost self-confidence, skin whitening will continue to lord the rest. Experts foresee that there will be an ever-increasing number of individuals – men and women, young and old – who will be seeking skin whitening solutions be it the costly ones or the more practical approaches. The reasons are numerous but we’ve narrowed down these to a handful as to why skin whitening continues to trend in 2018.
  • There is an ever-increasing need for flawless skin 

You see it everywhere. Models in magazine advertisements and media commercials all portray women and men needing flawless skin. While a good 99% of these have been Photoshopped to provide an appearance that is really flawless, some folks are clearly not cognizant of this fact. For them, whatever is printed in magazine pages or presented on the silver screen is real. The other thing is that marketing and advertising companies are getting better at turning a rather unpretentious looking girl into a really stunning, sophisticated young woman. And the message is quite clear: flawless skin is beautiful and that it denotes optimum health.

  • Ever-expanding advances in skin whitening technologies 

A large part of the continuing predominance of skin whitening procedures over other cosmetic modalities is the continuing advanced in skin whitening technologies. In the past, people would have to resort to untried and rarely proven methods of lightening one’s complexion. Today, however, with the exponential increase in knowledge that is translated into the design and continuing development of innovative skin whitening solutions, more and more products are being rolled out almost on a quarterly basis. Take for instance our product, Intilight, a revolutionary technology that allows individuals to whiten and lighten their skin from home, especially in the intimate regions like the vagina and the anus. Before, one had to seek professional help to whiten these areas. Thanks to technology, you can easily whiten these body regions in your own home. And 2018 promises to be a year of many more discoveries to come.

  • Increasing safety of products and procedures 

Commensurate with an increased understanding of what needs to be done to provide for a lighter, fairer, or whiter skin is the increasing safety profile of these products and procedures. More and more clients and consumers today expect the products they buy and the services they avail of to be genuinely safe, free from any side effects or at the very least have only very few minor ones. This is a very important development for skin whitening products that will continue well into the coming year. It is also the reason why more people will be requesting INTILIGHT for such treatment in 2018.

In 2018 skin whitening is expected to grow even further, thanks to a combination of technological advances, the analogy of flawless skin to eternal youth, and the increased safety of these products and services.