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Anal Bleach, DIY Skin Lightening, Skin Care, Skin Lightening / 10.25.18

The Differences Between Brazilian Waxing and Anal Bleaching

First came Brazilian waxing, and then anal bleaching. While in the past people have tended to not care about how it looks down there, but now things have changed. From the desire to look great in bikinis, or while naked, as well as simply being irritated with thick hair in the intimate area, many people nowadays prefer to have it clean, clear and smooth down there.

Gone are the days of trying to shave, only to have the hair come back thicker and with a vengeance. For longer and more thorough hair removal, a Brazilian wax is an answer.

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What Is A Brazilian Wax?

This procedure will remove all the hair in your private areas, using safe ingredients and careful practices. Because the area involved is delicate and sensitive, you do not want to encounter any negative side effects caused by harmful chemicals and very rough waxing.

Compared to shaving, waxing has always been more preferred because it also tends to lighten the skin slowly. Every time you go for a session, hair and dark skin gets removed, revealing a lighter, new skin layer.


The whitening effects of Brazilian waxes are, however, quite minimal and progress can only be seen after a lot of sessions. When most people remove the hair down there, they are quite shocked at how dark the skin there actually is. This is due to many reasons, from friction to even aging causing the skin there to not be the ideal pinkish shade many desire.

Anal Bleaching

Thus, as Brazilian waxes became mainstream, the desire for more effective whitening of the exposed skin became greater. After all, while having hair-free private areas look great, having dark skin exposed like that is not.

Waxing is not a necessity when going for anal bleaching, though it might be different if you want to have private areas bleached. This is good because not everyone really desires to have no hair down there. Moreover, having everything waxed fully only to see the dark skin is not necessarily nice to look at as well.

Brazilian waxing vs anal bleaching - Intilight-com.jpg

Anal bleaching requires the use of creams or gels that work to lighten the skin’s pigmentation in the areas where it is applied. Much like waxing, ingredients and application have to be safe and applied carefully because of the sensitivity of this part of the body.


The Differences

Because of the greater lightening of the skin seen after having anal bleaching, this is becoming a very popular procedure. In reality, both tend to be done together, because, after a Brazilian wax, the skin is exposed and is much easier to bleach.

The main difference is their outcome. Brazilian waxes are perfect for those who simply want hair-free private areas, and lightening of the skin may be seen as an added benefit. However, it is not a skin whitening procedure, so it is not common to really see a huge improvement in skin tone especially after a few sessions.

If you are really aiming for whiter skin in your private areas, then anal bleaching is the way to do it. In a few sessions, you can see a drastic improvement in what used to be darker pubic and anal areas. In terms of wanting to build confidence and a desire for cleaner intimate areas, bleaching will bring you much more satisfaction.

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