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Anal Bleaching, Skin Lightening / 4.5.19

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Anal Bleaching

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Anal Bleaching

Many people have the desire to make subtle changes to their skin, whether in certain problem zones and areas, or in general. Whether hyperpigmentation, scars and other dark spots – anal bleaching and skin lightening creams can help with all. Many are feel insecure and are not living their lives to their fullest potential because of their skin. Nobody should feel this way, when there are plenty of solutions to making slight changes to your skin.

When considering anal bleaching and skin lightening, there are a multitude of questions many may have. Are there side effects? Is it safe? How long does it take to see results? We are here to address any questions and concerns you may have regarding this process, with the help of Dermatologist Dr.Balshi.


Is Anal Bleaching for Women and Men?

Anal bleaching and skin lightening is both for men and women, as they are both equally affected by skin imperfections. For the same reasons, both might desire to address these and use a product such as Intilight for them.


What is anal bleaching?

Anal bleaching is a term used to describe the process of skin lightening within the genital, area. This does not particularly have to be your anus. This product can be used for a wide array of areas such as the penal area, vagina, nipples and underarms. There are a multitude of areas you can use intilight on, even your most intimate ones.


How does anal bleaching work?

The anal bleaching and skin lightening product Intilight, includes a chemical called hydroquinone which gradually reduces the amount of melanin in your skin. Melanin is the pigment which gives it it’s darker shade, thus reducing the amount of it in your skin, gives it a fairer appearance and enables your imperfections to blend with the rest of your skin. However, this doesn’t happen overnight, it takes two daily applications for a minimum of 14 days for results to start to show.


How long does it take?

Anal bleaching and skin lightening at home with a product like Intilight will start showing results in as little as 14 days of consistent twice a day application. However, this does not necessarily mean that the product should only be used that long – preferably, it should be used for up to 3 months in order to achieve optimal results. Once you are satisfied with the results, Intilight should be continuously applied on a daily basis in order to maintain the results.  


How many shades lighter will my skin get?

Since each skin is unique in many ways, including complexion, it is difficult to presume how many shades exactly it will lighten. However, it should lighten 2 shades within the first two weeks to four weeks of treatment. After the initial two weeks of twice a day treatment, your skin should continue to lighten to your desired shade within the first three months.


Will anal bleaching cause me any pain?

One of the greatest benefits of using an at home skin lightening and anal bleaching product such as Intilight, is that there is absolutely no pain. Additionally, there is no redness, burning or irritation either, which is amazing for the results you get.


Why do people lighten their skin?

There are many reasons why people may want to lighten their skin. Related to lightening your intimate areas, many individuals in the adult industry like to use genital bleach in order to look their best on film. Not only adult actors, but anyone could potentially benefit from lightening their intimate area. If you have self-esteem issues or would like to feel confident when being intimate with your partner, anal bleach can be of help for that. Skin lightening and anal bleaching is not just your intimates, but also any other part of your body.


Does Intilight contain Hydroquinone?

Since Hydroquinone is the single most effective skin lightening ingredient, Intilight does include it in its formula. Intilight uses the highest FDA approved amount of hydroquinone in its formula and also includes multiple buffers and other beneficial ingredients in its formula. This ingredient in this amount has maximum effectiveness and has been used in this way for over 20 years.


How long have we sold Intilight?

Intilight has been a staple product of Dr. Balshi’s for over 8 years now. Whether in his practice, or online, Intilight is a popular skin lightening and anal bleaching product that many trusts and rely on for their skincare needs. When choosing a product for your skin, specifically a skin lightening product, make sure that it is a credible product that has been formulated by a specialized dermatologist, such as Dr. Balshi. With years of positive reviews and happy customers, it is smarter and safer by far to trust and already well-established product.


Is it safe to use at home by yourself?

Intilight was designed to be used by yourself, without the supervision of a medical professional. It is absolutely the best way to take care fo your anal bleaching and skin lightening needs in the comfort of your home.


Are there any side effects related to using Intilight?

Intilight is an extremely safe and skin-friendly product that rarely results in any side effects. Very few cases of extremely sensitive skin may experience a minor rash, however, this is very unlikely. In order to prevent skin irritations, test the product on a small part of your skin and wait 12-24 hours to observe any potential skin sensitivities to the product, before applying it on a larger area. If a slight rash does occur, the irritation should cease immediately after the product is not applied any longer. Again, this is rarely the case though.

In summary, we hope this post will answer any questions you may have about the process and product of anal bleaching and skin lightening. If you would like to know more or any of your questions were not answered, feel free to contact us for more information.