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Anal Bleach, DIY Skin Lightening, Skin Care, Skin Lightening / 9.27.18

What is Anal Bleaching?

Anal Bleaching Defined

One of the specific reasons why people would want to have a bleached anus is to please their partners. Another reason is to be more confident when flaunting it in places where they can get naked like nude beaches. So, what is anal bleaching really and what are the ways to achieve it?

Well, anal bleaching is exactly what you read and what it sounds like. It’s all about lightening or whitening the dark skin around the anus. It can be done at the spa as there are now spas that offer the services such as laser procedures, wax and cream application, and other spa-based treatments. Then, there are also home whitening products such as bleaching gels and natural creams that are also part of the spa treatment.


Inside the spa, the bleaching process involves waxing of the anal area. The next step is the application of an acid which will be rubbed in afterwards. The whole in-spa or at-home procedure usually last for about 20 minutes. It may take longer depending on the darkness of the skin, which may require reapplication to really realize the results. The initial application has varied costs depending on the treatments done and the time needed to finish the first treatment. After the in-spa treatment, customers will be recommended to use a specially designed cream, Intilight, which they have to apply for eight weeks or less. There are now also packages that include vulva or genital lightening.

womens anal bleaching cream by Intilight

Because bleaching the anal area is a process that involves changes in the skin color, you should expect that the whole process will take time before you can realize the results. If your skin is darker, then bleaching your anal skin will definitely take longer as compared to those that have a lighter shade. But whatever darkness of skin you have, it’s guaranteed that the bleaching process will be effective and will provide you satisfactory results. However, you should also take note of the risks, which also vary according to skin color and sensitivities. The side effects may be primarily attributed to the products and their ingredients and the treatment process and the bleaching materials used.

The bleaching treatments may also vary according to their price rates. Of course, you’ll incur lower expenses if you have lighter skin. On the other hand, expect to incur more expenses if you have darker anus because it will surely require more reapplication of bleaching products and the follow-up applications of creams or related products at home.

There is an increasing number of both men and women that choose to undergo anal bleaching. Several years ago, the only option available in the market was surgery. This is riskier and entails shelling out of more dollars. However, when workers in the porn industry made the treatment popular, people of different gender, nationality, and race are now considering or have undergone bleaching of their anuses. One major reason why they prefer bleaching is because it is far safer and makes them less vulnerable to risks.

Though there are risks, dermatology experts say anal bleaching is generally safe. This is because the root causes of dark or darkened anal skin are addressed. For one, the area around the anus gets dark because of natural factors such as poor skin care habit. Wearing of G-strings or tight thongs also contribute to the darkening. Lastly, the increase in the amount of melanin also darkens anal skin. With these in mind, experts in cosmetics industry are able to design and produce bleaching products that offer more benefits and fewer side effects.

With these, you may want to consider anal bleaching if a dark anus deeply concerns you. Shop now with Intilight skin lightening and anal bleaching products!