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Anal Bleaching, Skin Lightening / 5.24.19

Where you can use Intilight

There are many different procedures and products that can help you in your goal of having the perfect skin. Whether a scar, freckle, hyperpigmentation or darker areas on your peachy parts – lightening your skin can be achieved in many ways. The most convenient, cost-effective and safe method anal bleaching andskin lightening is to use a dermatologist formulated topical product such as intilight, in the comfort of your home. When we say comfort of your own home – we really mean almost anywhere. Let’s specify various examples of places you can lighten your peachy parts, or general areas of your skin and clarify myths in regards to anal bleaching and skin lightening.

Intilight is a topical cream containing hydroquinone, a chemical that slowly halts the production of melanin in your skin. Melanin, is the pigment in your skin that gives it its darker appearance. If you have a lighter skin shade, you naturally have less melanin in your skin. Intuitively, the more melanin, the darker the shade of your skin. Melanin production is stimulated when your skin is exposed to the sunlight, more sunlight = more melanin = a darker, more tan appearance. Back to Intilight, which slowly decreases melanin at gives the dark areas of your skin a lighter appearance.

So, when using Intilight , where can you lighten your skin and what can you do while youre doing it ?

At Home

The most convenient place to use Intilight and lighten your skin is naturally at home. Intilight has to be applied twice a day consistently, results can be seen within 2 weeks. Apply the product, throw on some sweatpants and do anything you would usually do at home, just avoid the water and sun. Whether drinking wine and watching TV, cooking or doing chores, after application your are free to do almost anything.

At Work

We get it, you work, a lot. When we came up with this amazing product, we wanted to make sure applying it twice a day was a easy as possible. Intilights compact size will allow you to bring it to your workplace discreetly and apply it in the bathroom. You can wear clothing again immediately after application, and the rest of the product will absorb within the next couple of minutes.

While Exercising / Being Active

After the application of Intilight anal bleaching and skin lightening cream, you are free to engage in any excercise that does not involve the water. As Intilight absorbs rapidly, there should be nothing to be concerned about. The only thing to note, if you are a profuse sweater, you may want to yield 10-15 minutes before heavy exercising, to prevent the product from being removed due to excessive perspiration.

At the Pool / On the Beach

Intilight anal bleaching and skin lightening cream and sun generally do not go well together. The sun counteracts any melanin reducing effects your skin lightening cream has had on your skin, and with that reverses its effects. However, this does not need to keep you from the pool or beach! Cover up treated areas with clothing that will not let through any sun. If this is not possible without inconveniencing yourself, apply sunblock on treated areas generously, consciously re-applying every 2-3 hours before sun protecting properties of the sunblock wear off.

In Bed

Applying your skin lightening and anal bleaching cream before you go to bed is one of the most convenient ways to do so. Intilight can easily be integrated into your nighttime skincare routine as an additional step. Go to bed right after without worries, and sleep through the night.

On Vacation

Because of its compact packaging, and liquid content under the maximum amount to include in carry-on, Intilight can be your travel buddy wherever you go. Without bringing it with you, pausing the application for an extended amount of time can reverse the results and undo any progress you have made so far. Bring it with you on your next getaway or vacation, you will not regret it.

Whenever you apply your intilight skinlightening and anal bleaching cream, be careful to apply it only to the areas you want to lighten. Not just strictly the darker areas, but any skin that the product is applied to will lighten when exposed to the product, therefore be precise, careful and mindful in application. Before you apply Intilight for the first time, test a select, small sized area to apply the product to, and observe any reactions your skin may have to it in the first 24-48 hours.

All in all, there are many places you can easily and conveniently lighten your skin without it bothering you, or being noticed. As long as the treated area is not exposed to water immediately after application, you are in the clear. In addition, keep any treated area out of the sun, and prevent sun exposure through sunblock products and clothing whenever outside.

The results of Intilight will take as little as two weeks to start showing results. These results are dependent on the application of the product twice a day. After your skin starts lightening gradually and you start seeing the results of the anal bleaching product, make sure to continue consistent application in order to maintain the results.

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