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Why Anal Bleaching Is On The Rise in 2021

It’s very possible that you’re more familiar with the Kardashians anal bleaching trend that rumored the entirety of the internet. Which has been just one of the multitudes of avenues for how the Kardashians continue to break the internet. 

Gossip, public scandal or not, we can all agree that the idea of bleaching your asshole sounds like an odd beauty routine to add next to washing your face. Well… hold onto your butts, because in 2021 the amount of companies hawking creams to bleach the butthole are now not just for porn stars and self-obsessed, rich celebrities. 

They’re for us regular people too.

So how did we get here? 

The same way we progressed from other formerly obscene beauty routines like the Brazilian bikini wax. Which now seems like a regularly scheduled day for some, and no one even blinks. In adult films, a lot of ideologies get planted into the female psyche. Like pubic hair is something to be tamed down, shaved, trimmed, and waxed into nothing or a thin, decorative strip. 

Line up the buttholes, because they’re up next. The theory in porn is that a clean, prestigious pink anus is the norm. For those with a brownish tint, updating to the new 2021 model anus is on the list, and now there’s no shame. This isn’t just for strippers anymore. A pink anus isn’t just a porn uniform for the naked, it’s for anyone who feels their butthole is a little brown for their downtown. 

Not only aesthetics but some experts say that more people are having anal sex than ever before. I’d say that, at any rate, in porn, with the advent of HD digital cameras in adult films, the at-one-time-humble, normally wrapped up in cute garments, mostly kept-a-secret butthole is now gaining traction and interest fast. 

And although some people think it’s silly that people are imitating what they hear in celebrity news or porn movies, the influence of adult films and the decision to lighten their anuses is nothing short of every trend. Small waists, thick eyebrows, clear skin, etc. It falls in line with every trend that has been followed since art had an influence on the masses. 

Where skin lightening is popular?

Maybe it doesn’t seem prevalent in your area of the US but the reports have suggested that global skin lightening products make up one-half of the entire cosmetics industry. And alway very popular where lighter skin is deemed higher on the social status scale, culturally.

Japan, the Middle East, Japan, and Latin America to be some of the highest in popularity. Not just for women but also for men. Using skin lightening creams, not just for their anus but for their hands, face, and other body parts that darken with age. 

The skin lightening industry is now worth billions. Lighter skin has people wanting to distinguish themselves. Believing that they’ll find better jobs or attract certain romantic partners. 

In India, skin lightening and anal bleaching creams were more popular than Coca-Cola! Surprise! 

A lot of cultures in certain parts of the world highly value lighter skin tones, dating back to major moments in history and colonialism. Leave it to prominent people like celebrities and the media to give a movement like anal bleaching it’s power. 

Starting with the Brazilian Wax.

Brazil has been hailed as the global capital in plastic surgery and aesthetic trends. Until South Korea passed them in 2014. Brazilian waxing is not considered danger and is now one of the most common beauty treatments offered at spas and salons. Mostly to accommodate cheeky bikini bottoms.  

With that, hair removal started to uncover hyperpigmented skin, specifically around the genitals. Which is very normal. But because of beauty trends found in the media, social or otherwise, feels completely wrong to some. 

Sun exposure, hormonal changes and genetics all contribute to darker areas of the skin. 

Which the industry had an answer for: prescription strength lightening creams like Intilight. An easy DIY, fast, and very effective way to lighten darker areas for all skin types.

All starting with the Brazilian wax! By removing the hair, skin presents itself as darker in areas that were otherwise hidden and people are looking for the best lightening methods to even out their complexion. Now offered in lightening creams or lasers, at home or at most medical spas where there is now an array of laser hair removal and laser anal and genital bleaching procedures. All to maintain a now desired aesthetic. 

A board-certified general surgeon, Dr. Evan Goldstein, and founder of Bespoke Surgical, expressed a huge increase in clients and demand in the procedure over the last 8 years. Some of his patients being known to pay up to 30k for different anal procedures.“ Anal is chic right now. From a gay cultural perspective, having popular press and podcasts discussing anal issues has helped pave a way for general openness, and has also helped take away stigma.” Dr. Goldstein, deals with all kinds of anal aesthetics and to him, is just another option and level of self-care that will always ever-changing and evolving. Just another area for most clients that has a need to be kept in tip-top shape.

Beauty During the Age of Social Media

Some doctors, therapists and sexologists believe anal bleaching began more from culture and capitalism than porn. Because the market is all about selling a product and a lifestyle to the average person. That’s how the beauty market operates. Skincare, haircare, body image is all determined by what’s being marketed in this country as sexy. 

Even when addressed about mimicking beauty trends like Brazilian wax and anal bleaching, some doctors believe that would be the equivalent of learning how to drive by watching Fast & The Furious.  Whereas, these beauty marketers are part of the reason the public has access to these beauty trends and gives people the option to enhance their bodies however they see fit. Including, bleaching their buttholes. Picking out any anal bleach off the shelf or ordering them directly online, the customer can now read reviews and enjoy the privacy of their own home. At-home skin lightening and anal bleach has become a very popular way of remedying a dark butthole. Like with many things nowadays, addressing beauty concerns in the privacy in your own home at a lower cost fits everyone’s needs.

And not just marketed for the young. Women who just gave birth looking for tightening and anal bleaching after all hormonal changes within a year of childbirth, benefit too. A lot of women notice a change in skin tone that is not reminiscent of their pre-birth body and are looking to change it. Having access to at-home DIY creams like Intilight allows new moms to take care of their infant and feel good about themselves after their delivery. 

Not just for aesthetics but these women can also batter hyperpigmentation and melasma in places they never previously had it or in areas where it has worsened. With results from skin lightening and anal bleaching creams, getting their confidence back is affordable and easily accessible. 

What About Belfies? Our Butt-Selfie Culture.

These ranges of aesthetic practices lend themselves to social media and the selfie. With the access to a camera 24/7 and the selfie culture age we have found ourselves to be living through, only meaning an evolution to bigger, bootier things. The Belfie. Without a definition, everyone knows what that might look like. Social media and editing apps make us hyper aware of details we would have never noticed in the past. But now have potential and options to fix.

And much like all mainstream trends, eventually we’ll move past it. Some adult porn stars have given up on the trend already but have noticed the natural progression of the beauty industry and how anal bleaching trends have encouraged, not only women but men to become part of the movement. 

Is that really a bad thing though? Sometimes the market just allows people to do what makes them happy to make them feel like the best versions of themselves. We’re all going to do it in some way or another, some being more or less expensive, or more or less taboo. 

Our Skin Tone Is What Makes Us Human

Changing skin tones or areas of tone can be a major decision. And it doesn’t mean it’ll change the person inside. We can still embrace change for ourselves physically that makes us different and interesting compared to others and yet, still strive to be the best version of ourselves at the same time. 

Whether its government, market, or celebrity led, people should feel proud for putting their natural best face forward. Whether that means it’s a lighter face, a lighter anus, a pre-pregnancy skin tone, an adult actress or actor, or maybe being adopted into the anal bleaching Kardashian clan… however you feel fit, it’s your choice. 

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