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Anal Bleach, Anal Bleaching, DIY Skin Lightening, Skin Care, Skin Lightening / 1.29.21

Why Skin Lightening Creams Improve Confidence

While anal bleaching isn’t something deemed entirely necessary for health concerns, it is definitely a preference for a lot of individuals. Do you need it? No. Can you have it? Absolutely! A lot of people nowadays are more attentive to their personal needs. That means paying attention to how they look with and without clothes. 

That means more to show, and more confidence you need to show it. So bleaching your anus to look clean and smooth becomes the boost in confidence that many feel they need. 

Especially for those who rock the dark, beautiful and mysterious look. The skin surrounding the anus tends to be darker than everywhere else – which is totally normal!

Anal bleaching can help reduce the contrast in pigmentation between the skin around the anus and the rest of the body. A more consistent skin tone found throughout the body is a great way for people to feel a boost in confidence. This makes them feel more attractive for themselves and for their partner when it comes to those deep and intimate moments. 

And the beauty world gives you an entire shelf in your corner-store pharmacy and array of options to choose from! You can lighten your anus with a health professional at a spa, medical professional, or by yourself with DIY topical skin lightening creams. 

The most popular method being topical creams. These can be used at home on your own time, they’re generally lower in price than the other two, and it comes with a lot more privacy! You can also see a spa professional for similar creams or gels, or if you’re feelin’ brave, a laser used by your medical professional 

Warning: Anal Bleaching May Boost Confidence

With easily accessible cameras, social media like Instagram for photos and videos for TikTok. We’re hardwired to want to look our best at all times for any given moment. When you feel like you look good, you feel good. Which helps with confidence. And people will go great lengths to enhance their appearance to always feel their best in their own way.

Anal bleaching is just one of the many ways a lot of people reduce their insecurities and enhance their bodies. In a world that considers it less taboo to talk about. 

So other than lighter skin, what else does anal bleaching improve?

Well, skin lightening creams are used for a multitude of skin hindrances. 

  • Reduces Hyperpigmentation – The lightening ingredients in skin lightening creams helps prevent excess melanin from forming around the anus and other darker areas. Is there a birthmark you hate? No problem! Or freckles you want to hide? Sure! Skin lightening creams help a lot of uneven pigmentation in the skin.
  • Improves Skin Texture – Not only does it help with skin tone and complexion. But it also improves overall skin texture. So when it comes to the anus and other intimate areas, it can make vulnerable moments feel less vulnerable.
  • Reduces Inflammation – Because areas like the anus are very sensitive, it can be prone to inflammation, pain, and swelling. Most DIYs come with anti-inflammatory ingredients that help with unrelated inflammation or discomfort. 
  • Reduces Scarring – Having scars is not uncommon. Especially from acne. Because of the nature of the area, many people deal with all kinds of skin types in a lot of genital regions. Anal bleaching and skin lightening creams help reduce acne spots, scarring, and other complexion differentiations that people find an issue. Or affects their confidence.

Why Is That Important?

Self confidence is crucial. Not only does every person need confidence but they deserve it. In today’s society, there is no shortage of subliminal and non-subliminal beauty standards that encourage unhealthy points of view and impossible goals that are hard to reach for the average person. This could really put a damper on your own self-confidence and make anyone feel insignificant in comparison. 

Especially for modern women. There is so much self-doubt and shame behind real bodies. However, we do exist in a world where people have the resources to find ways to regain that confidence they deserve.

With access to a whole world of wellness, beauty, and health, feeling confident in your clothes, or the bedroom can become only a slight inexpensive feat! With DIY products like Intilight skin lightening creams and anal bleaching creams, products like these allow an individual to empower themselves and feel good with their decisions.

Confidence is so much more than what you see on the outside. It’s how you feel on the inside that portrays on the outside. Here are a couple ways how:

  • Confidence Is Trusting. Subconsciously there is a trusting nature with people who are naturally confident. People around you tend to be a little more relaxed. Whereas insecurities can make people feel uneasy and awkward.
  • Confidence Lets You See The Value In Yourself. When you feel confident in who you are, you exude the value you see within yourself to others. In return, people will value you the same way. It leaves less to be desired when you are seeking and needing the approval of others. Confidence is contagious. 
  • Confidence Attracts Attention. Confidence is radiant. It attracts the right kind of attention. Especially for women. Confident women are influential women.

Even though most people will have no idea you have a perfectly smooth and bleached anus. It’s a small tid-bit of a confidence booster. Enough for you to know and feel like you’re hiding your best kept secret. Confidence comes in the smallest and most unlikely of packages. Places. Even skin tones.

Anal Bleaching Confidence Add-Ons

And of course, confidence isn’t the only reason to bleach an anus. Sometimes it’s just personal preference and confidence becomes just an added bonus! Here are a few more reasons to bleach your anus if you were ever considering it. Maybe one or two of these applies to you:

Color Choice: we all know and have heard A LOT that no one is perfect. And sometimes even the idea of perfection isn’t realistic based on how our bodies develop and operate. As we get older, parts of our body start to deal a little more in hyperpigmentation. Because of the location of the anal region, lots of sweat, folding, and friction deliver a darker skin tone. And although this is a natural occurrence in everyone’s body… Some people just prefer a lighter shade. Anal bleaching simply helps the skin match the rest of the body for an overall even match.  

Sex Appeal: laying bare isn’t usually everyone’s favorite game. Feeling comfortable in your own skin on a day-to-day can be difficult, so letting it all hang out can definitely be hard. Anal bleaching can help make you feel more comfortable during your most intimate moments. Emphasis on the intimate part. With less vulnerability and more comfortability, allowing your partner to explore your body gives into a greater satisfaction for the whole party. And it may leave your partner nothing short of impressed by your ‘perfect’ anus. Weapon of choice: anal bleach. 

Just Because: Sometimes we do things just because. We don’t need a reason, a confidence  boost, or unrealistic expectations. We just do it simply because we want to. So try it out on a whim, if you please!

Maybe you’re thinking… Where did this all start?

Our world is full of never ending trends and beauty standards that are like a revolving door throughout history. So it should be no surprise that we’re at a point where we could add another to the list. Not to say there aren’t outside factors that play into this new trend. Because there are. Here are a few reasons anal bleaching has become less taboo:

The Brazilian Wax.

If you’re old enough to consider anal bleaching, I’m sure you’re old enough to remember when Brazilian Waxing showed up on the scene. Originally a gasping or pearl clutching moment for some women and now, just another service listed right below eye brows, mustache and chin services. A Brazilian Wax is intended to remove all pubic hair from the top of the bikini line to the back of the anus. Leaving the skin smooth and hair-free. Also, exposed. Without the presence of hair, many (especially) women have realized that their anal region is darker than the rest of their body. Hence the rise in popularity and demand of topical bleaching creams.

Pornography Culture.

Anal bleaching was first explored and gained momentum from the pornography industry. As if that is a shocker. Porn stars often bleach their anus to not only appear more attractive but because when there’s a camera, there’s a huge emphasis on perfection. This also made a lot of viewers believe this is standard. Which leads to comparison.

Social Media.

Like a lot of things, social media puts an exclamation point on a lot of trends. Making this topic more common, makes the practice of it less taboo. A place where people not only share everything but nothing goes unnoticed.

How to Choose For Your Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching is an experience you really can’t go wrong with. And with the accessibility it has today, you can take the time to choose what works best for you. Although it’s less taboo, many people still find it embarrassing to share with a stranger. Even if it’s your physician. With products like Intilight skin lightening creams and anal bleaching, an at-home DIY cream, make it easy. You can apply Intilight at home, in any bathroom, or even with a partner for good measure. On your own time and in your own space. And the choice of who gets to see your anus. 

It’s pain-free, less expensive than salons or spas, and it’s quick. When it comes to a boost of confidence, it can be found in a simple bottle. Be diligent, consistent, and take your time. With patience, you can get the results you have desired. 

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Choosing the right anal bleach shouldn’t be hard. If you’re looking an inexpensive confidence boost, check out Intilight skin lightening creams and anal bleaching cream at intilight.com or southflderm.com. Follow us on Instagram @intilight for some pink-spiration for your pooper.