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Anal Bleach, Anal Bleaching, DIY Skin Lightening, Skin Care, Skin Lightening / 10.24.20

Why Your Girlfriend Wants To Try Anal Bleaching

Is a question maybe most men or women would be wondering? With impossible beauty standards today for women, it’s hard to wonder the benefit of bleaching an anus. Also, who’s really planning on seeing it? Is this a normal preference, or just reserved for the porn stars who are out there – OUT there.

It doesn’t just stop there, the choices are endless, the options are various yet, the quality, important. Most are obsessed with butts, not just their own, but others. Can you blame them?

Being fascinated with all things booty, and on the quest for butt knowledge, mostly anal bleaching, we’re getting in touch with our backside and digging deeper into the realm of skin lightening for us normal women.

I mean, sorry guys, but women are just way more into bleached booty holes than you are. Although it has become popular with men too, and developed a very gender neutral clientele based on some salons in California. It’s for everyone, really!

There’s many ways to achieve the perfect pink. Some salons use a fruit acid peel, and others a Kojic acid peel (a byproduct of the process of fermenting rice aka sake) both currently being used in cosmetics and food to change or preserve the color of a product. So, fortunately, no bleach is involved. 

Sorry, Clorox. 

In fact, if you’ve used any anti-aging creams you’ve probably been exposed to it already.

Or opt for an at-home version. And be ready for commitment! 

Many of these DIY products tend to leave an unsatisfactory leftover-from-hours-in-the-sauna slick, greasy, and oily feeling. Even so, some DIY skin lightening creams even list substances that are banned in other countries. Not the good kind of bleach for her anus. Right? You know, because of the risk factors involved with dangerous chemicals on sensitive skin. This is why the right answer for women is Intilight. 

Dr. Balshi searched for the best possible skin lightening and anal bleaching formula. Asking what his patients are looking for and avoiding harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. Carefully selecting a complete mix of natural ingredients.

Top of the Line Ingredients 

Ingredients such as:

Nonapeptide-1 – a skin lightening peptide that prevents melanin synthesis and even out skin tone by preventing hyperpigmentation

Saxifraga Sarmentosa extract – an extract of the strawberry begonia herb

Rumex Occidentalis – normally helps with the treatment of melasma and as effective as hydroquinone

Alpha Arbutin – also Hydroquinone β-D-glucopyranoside a naturally occurring antioxidant and skin brightener, naturally found in the bearberry plant. Reduces melanin formation.

Veronica Officinalis – soothes the skin and acts as an astringent to protect the skin

Vitis Vinifera – grape seed extract that has significant amount of antioxidants that’s been shown to be beneficial in significant skin lightening

Alchemilla Vulgaris – a natural astringent and anti-inflammatory that tackles blemishes. Known as the “the women’s healing herb”

Morus Bobbycis Root – a cosmetic ingredient that effectively tightens and minimizes sagging pores and rough bumps

Primula – helps eliminate toxins 

Mentha Piperita – peppermint oil

Scutellaria Baicalensis Root – an extract that reduces the formation of melanin in the skin and has certaining whitening effects

Malva Sylvestris – vegetable extracts that play a major role in skin lightening

As a result, creating a cream like Intilight that works safely with the body’s natural enzymes and effectively lightens the skin with these high quality ingredients. Delivering the best pain-free process to women all around the world with an at-home solution.

So how light do you go? As light as you want! But coming from a color theory side of the equation, two shades lighter than your natural color will create a nice blend with your own skin.

Women take pride in knowing they are well-groomed and look clean from the back. And although it doesn’t take the place of a clean scrubbed rear-end, some like to pretend they’re naturally blessed with a “Pretty In Pink” butthole. It’s not always for some – rando – on Tinder, and I’m sure you don’t have to worry she has some secret job as a porn-star or stripper. This is for us every day women, whether you’re a high school teacher, a florist, a server, a graphic designer, front-end developer, do it for you! Women supporting women bleach her anus!

With Intilight at home skin lightening, the process is safe, effective, and long-lasting. Remember, if the woman in your life wants to indulge in some down-town anal bleach, maybe she’s curious, or she wants to feel cleaner, or even… sexier. Help her follow through with her anal alterations and support her want to bleach her anus for strikingly beautiful skin between the cheeks with Intilight. 

Bleach Her Anus At-Home With Intilight

Step away from this notion that home DIY treatments for anal bleaching are less effective than salon procedures. You can guarantee the same light anus with the skin lightening cream Intilight. If you’re looking for a safe, inexpensive, private, professional and convenient way to bleach your butthole, whiten your anal area with Dr. Balshi’s Intilight. Satisfaction guaranteed for all of those involved. Check out intilight.com to shop your new favorite countertop cosmetic.