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Benefits of Natural Genital Bleaching vs. Waxing

Benefits of Natural Genital Bleaching vs. Waxing

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Women are now vainer and more sensitive about how they groom themselves. Many of them follow several routines just to maintain a well-shaped body and beautiful face. To achieve these, they follow a healthy diet and do regular workout sessions. However, aside from the exposed parts of their body, many of them are now also conscious about their private parts look.

The Science Behind Skin Lightening

The Science Behind Skin Lightening

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When people see celebrities in magazines and billboards, they sometimes cannot help but envy their fair, flawless and glowing skin.

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Intilight Natural Skin Lightening Ingredients Explained

Intilight skin lightening cream

There is no denying that skin lightening products specially designed for private areas such as the anus and vagina are fast becoming popular lately. Both men and women from different races are availing spa treatments...

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What is Anal Bleaching?

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If it’s your first time hearing about anal bleaching, you may instantly associate it with porn stars particularly those engage in male to male pornography. Apparently, it’s becoming a trend among women as well for very obvious reasons.

DIY Anal Bleach

DIY Anal Bleach

Intilight DIY Anal Bleach

There is a growing number of ordinary individuals who would like to make their bums whiter or, at least, as fair as the rest of their skin. While the most effective solution will be to seek professional anal bleaching treatment...

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Benefits of Doctor-Developed Skin Lightening Creams

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You should always be wary of the products that you use on your skin because one small mistake might ruin it and make you look unattractive and unhealthy. In the end, you might get exactly the opposite of what you wanted...

Why At Home Anal Bleaching is Better

Why At Home Anal Bleaching is Better

Getting your butthole bleached is no longer an action of vanity. It is now a must in this aesthetics-crazed world. There are many options to getting a whiter, fairer anal region. Many prefer going to professional spa treatment facilities while a few would opt for surgical methods. Still, there are those who prefer to go with at home anal bleaching methods. Here’s why.

  • Less Expensive 

Compared to spa treatments and surgical methods, getting your butthole bleached at home will entail very minimal expenses. If you choose to use natural remedies, you can easily get the ingredients right from your kitchen at no added cost. You can also purchase our anal bleaching creams which are also relatively inexpensive. 

  • More Natural 

intilight anal bleachingBleaching your anus at home can be a more natural endeavor especially if you choose to use natural remedies that have been proven to whiten skin. While the results may be modest at best and may take a significant amount of time before you can see results, these nevertheless are a great option for those who dislike using harsh chemicals on their bodies. 

  • Guarantees Privacy 

Doing an at home anal bleaching gives you complete privacy; something that you don’t get from other methods. You prepare your skin yourself. You apply the cream or agent yourself. There will be no one else to be poking around your butthole. 

  • More Convenient 

Bleaching your butthole yourself in the comfort and privacy of your home affords you unparalleled convenience. You don’t need to set up an appointment, drive your car, and dodge the curious look of bystanders on your way to the spa. You don’t have to change your daily routine. You can still do the things that you normally do and just devote a few minutes of your time every day to bleaching your anus. 

  • Equally Effective 

There is this notion that home treatments are less effective than professionally-provided ones. This is not entirely true. Even using natural home remedies for anal bleaching can produce results; albeit not as good as professional ones and usually take a longer time. But if you use professionally-made anal bleaching creams and agents, you can guarantee the same results that spas and other treatment facilities promise you. These agents have the same professional-grade ingredients used in treatment centers. Just make sure you get the right and appropriate ones.

You have the choice when it comes to bleaching your butthole. If you want a safe, inexpensive, convenient, private, and equally effective way to whiten your anal area, do an at home anal bleaching with Intilight.

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3 Safe Ingredients to Natural Anal Bleaching

3 Safe Ingredients to Natural Anal Bleaching

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More and more people are becoming obsessed with having the perfect body. And by perfect, we mean getting the skin to achieve a fairer, smoother, and even skin tone that includes the intimate regions of the body. And while Brazilian wax is now mainstream, anal bleaching is fast catching up. However, there are those who dislike the idea of applying chemicals in their buttholes. Not to fret since there are a variety of ways you can still achieve that gloriously looking butthole without ever using harsh chemicals. Here are 3 safe ingredients to natural anal bleaching.

  1. Lemon 

Citrus fruits are known for their Vitamin C-rich contents. In addition to this vitamin, lemons and oranges also contain limonene which has been shown to have excellent antioxidant properties. Together, these substances can help whiten the skin especially around the butthole. Squeeze a lemon or an orange and dab a cotton ball in the juice. Rub this as vigorously as you possibly can on the area you want to whiten. Alternatively, you can cut a lemon in half and use this to rub directly onto the skin. Since it is acidic, you may feel a little burning sensation. If that’s the case, you can reduce the amount of lemon juice being applied onto the skin. Leave this on for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it off with water. Do it as often as you can. 

  1. Papaya 

This tropical fruit is rich in natural antioxidants that are well known for facilitating cellular regeneration. The papain in papaya is largely considered as very potent in stimulating cellular regeneration. This helps hasten the rate of cellular turnover so that fresh, new skin cells are produced and pushed outwards into the outer layer of the skin. This provides the appearance of lighter complexion. Just like lemon, rub a slice of papaya on the skin, wait 20 minutes, and wash it off with water. 

  1. Tomato 

Rich in lycopene and Vitamins A and C, tomato is one ingredient you can use to whiten your anal region. It works in the same principle as lemon and papaya. The antioxidant properties of tomato make it ideal for stimulating skin cell regeneration, bringing forth clearer and fairer skin even in the butthole region.  Get a slice of tomato, rub it on the skin, then wash and rinse after about 20 minutes.

These natural anal bleaching remedies work. However, it may take time before you can see any substantial results. For best and fastest results, order doctor developed Intilight now!

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Tips for The Best Anal Bleaching

Tips for The Best Anal Bleaching

Bleaching a very sensitive area like your anal region is not the same as with other parts of your body. The skin down there is subject to more humid conditions and is always hidden by clothing. More than that, there are body parts that can easily get irritated or worse, harsh ingredients can enter your body. This is why it is very important to be careful and opt for the best anal bleaching.

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The success and safety of anal bleaching do not really lie on who is doing it, although having a trained professional do it may be easier. Still, they will use more or less the same products that you would if you did it at home. Therefore, it is more important to look at the main anal bleaching product to achieve the best results. 

There are quite a few products out there that are being used, and they would most likely have different formulas but at the same time, use one of the most common bleaching ingredients.

The first important factor to consider is the potency of the ingredient. Bleaching compounds work by inhibiting and preventing melanin, or dark pigmentation. When they are applied to the skin, they will reduce darkening and will eventually lead to lighter skin tone. Of all the ingredients out there, niacinamide and alpha arbutin are considered to have the highest potency, especially when the bleaching cream or gel has both.

However, these compounds might also be very harsh and dangerous to your private areas. This is why the second factor to think about is safety. Strong creams might lead to better results, but they might also irritate you down there. What might work perfectly on your underarm might cause some discomfort in your anus.

Acid-based ingredients are the biggest cause of irritation or a burning sensation in your skin. Products that contain hydroquinone, mandelic acid, lactic acid, kojic acid, or glycolic acid are better left avoided. They may be very effective for other body parts, but it is still best to not use them on private areas. The worst case scenario is that they may end up burning your skin and make it even darker. 

Once you have found a product that has the right ingredients, do still test it on your skin for a few days to see if you have any reactions to it and to see if it is effective. If you decide to start your anal bleaching process, keep in mind the right steps to make it successful. This means, cleaning and clearing the area of hair will make sure the cream will work properly on your skin.

By keeping in mind these important items you can be sure to have the best anal bleaching possible, both successful and safe. Moreover, you can repeat the process regularly and maintain your new and lighter skin color for always.

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How to Bleach Your Butthole

intilight - bleach your buttholeIf you have already had your Brazilian wax to really give you a near-perfect flawless body, you might want to start considering giving your butthole the kind of attention it needs. It would surely mean a lot if you can also help ensure the more even skin tone on your butt to match the flawless complexion on the other intimate regions of your body. While the best way to bleach your butthole is to get the services of a professional, many prefer to do it themselves for the simple reason that it’s something quite private. So how do you bleach your butthole? Here’s how.

Always Perform a Skin Sensitivity Test First

When you buy a cosmetic product you are always obliged to try it on your skin first to make sure you will not develop any hypersensitivity reactions to the active ingredients of the product. The same is true with anal bleaching or whitening agents. Make sure to try these first by applying a very small amount on the inner aspect of your upper arms. Wait at least 24 hours to check for any signs of inflammation like itching, warmth, and redness. If these are not present, then you can safely use the product.

Prepare the Area to be Whitened or Bleached

Applying Intilight bleaching cream requires the skin to absorb as much of the active ingredients. If you have dead skin cells, dirt, debris, and hair on the skin, these can inadvertently affect the rate and amount of absorption of the active ingredient by the skin. As such, it is crucial to prepare the skin of your butthole by washing it thoroughly. You may also need to shave it. In shaving, you have to be careful to prevent cuts and nicks as bleaching agents should never be applied on broken skin.

Apply the Bleaching or Whitening Agent as Directed

Always read the package directions on how to apply our natural bleaching cream. All agents must be applied externally. These should also be applied vigorously by rubbing it into the skin to allow for complete absorption. Depending on the manufacturer, these agents can be applied twice a day, often once in the morning and another before bedtime. Once the skin surrounding your butthole has achieved its desired fairness, you can cease using the bleaching agent.

Bleaching your butthole is quite easy. You only need to follow these simple steps. If not, maybe a professional can do it for you.

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