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Why Actresses in the Adult Film Business Do Anal or Genital Bleaching

The adult film and entertainment business is a multi-billion dollar industry. Industry-leading producers are very much willing to pay almost anyone who has a pretty face, a well-sculpted body, strong determination, a very positive and open mindset, and a skin that is simply perfect to do a shoot. Technically, you can have the first 4 but if your skin is simply not flawless – that means including the most intimate regions of your body – then there really is no point entering the world of adult entertainment. You see, actresses in the adult film business do intimate bleaching primarily to increase their appearance and worth both to their producers and to their adoring followers.

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Adult Film Stars LOVE Genital Bleaching

Have you ever watched an adult film? If you’ll notice the majority of these films feature close-up shots of the intimate regions of an actress’ body including the anal region and the vagina. What do you think will happen if these areas of a woman’s body were dark instead of light? Do you think the director would order his cameraman to focus on these regions? If they won’t do close-up shots of these body parts, then a lot of men will simply consider the film as being too soft and never really hardcore. In other words, viewers will be shying away from the film and producers will post a net loss. Do you think they will cast the actor or actress again? That’s very unlikely.

Here is an interesting article on the subject from LA Weekly.

That is why top-notch adult entertainers go to great lengths to achieve their near-flawless skin. Many undergo skin bleaching of the intimate areas while some more adventurous ones will typically request for higher end modalities such as laser treatments and the like. However, such treatments can be quite prohibitive since these entail the use of high tech gadgets and processes. Not everyone in the adult film business can afford such treatments.

The good news is that they don’t really have to spend thousands of dollars on costly procedures and treatments just to achieve a perfectly flawless skin even in the intimate regions. There are now a number of products that are only available from highly reputable dermatology clinics such as Intilight. These products provide a more economical, safer, and equally effective treatment of hyperpigmentation of the skin in the anal and vaginal area.

As a matter of fact, more and more members of the adult film industry are integrating such products as Intilight into their daily beauty regimen. At any rate, they can slowly whiten their nether regions right in the comfort and privacy of their homes. They also don’t need to worry about having someone else poking around their intimate parts for treatments.

Achieving a fairer and lighter skin throughout the rest of the body can truly make adult film entertainers bankable. More film producers will be getting their services which easily translate to higher remuneration and increased followers. More than that, however, is the boost in one’s self-confidence these anal bleaching and skin lightening products can bring. Being in front of the camera doing stuff that is only for one’s intimate partner takes courage and confidence. Having lighter skin in areas where it’s naturally dark can help.