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Anal bleaching is a special kind of skin lightening procedure that is focused primarily in the lightening of the skin surrounding the anal orifice. This is one of the most sought-after treatments especially by members of the adult entertainment industry, although it is also becoming an in-thing among ordinary individuals who want to achieve a perfectly-flawless skin that extends well beyond what is clearly visible to others.

How Anal Bleaching Works

Anal bleaching works like any other skin lightening treatment. Depending on the active ingredient that is included in the formulation of the bleach, it can work either by affecting the various molecules that are necessary for the production or synthesis of melanin or by exerting its effects on melanin or melanocytes themselves. However the mechanism of action the result is essentially the same. There is a reduction in the amount of melanin in the skin.



The skin surrounding the anus is quite unique since it really isn’t the type of hyperpigmentation that can be considered as the result of a pathogenic process. Indeed, the skin surrounding the anus is different since it is composed of several layers of epithelial tissues marking the transition between skin and digestive tract. Because these layers overlap they produce an outer keratinized layer of skin that is thicker than the skin found in other body parts.

This is not the only thing that makes the anal skin unique. Since melanin is the natural pigment produced by melanocytes present in the skin and this pigment is moved towards the keratinized cells, the relatively thicker keratinized cells offer more space for melanin to be stored. As they say, the more melanin is present in the skin the darker is the skin.

Anal bleaching works to impact the amount of melanin being transferred to the keratinized layers of the anal skin. By reducing the amount of melanin, the skin surrounding the anus naturally turns a lighter, more natural shade.

Benefits of Anal Bleaching Treatments

It is easy to see why some people would go to great lengths to whiten or bleach their anal skin: THE BENEFITS. First, it is a major source of confidence-boosting. There are some individuals who want to achieve that perfect flawless skin. Having fair skin is different since it only entails having pale or light skin. A flawless skin, on the other hand, means not having any imperfections. And this includes body parts that are normally hidden from view such as the anus.

Achieving flawless skin can help improve one’s self-esteem related to one’s body image. Psychologists posit that body image can play a role in promoting positive mental health. This can have implications in many ways such as enhancing self-confidence and developing a more positive regard for the self.

For certain members of the adult entertainment industry, undergoing anal bleaching is one of the keys to becoming successful in a field that has an overabundance of talents that standing out from the rest can be exceptionally difficult. Bleaching the skin surrounding the anal orifice helps guarantee better projects, more loyal followers, and a name that can resonate throughout the industry.

If one thinks that anal bleaching is only great for professional or even personal gains, it is actually a great tool for improving relationships as well. One doesn’t need to be a porn star to have his or her anal skin bleached. If one wants to provide the best possible intimate experience with their partners, having anal bleaching treatment is one of the best ways to help spice up sexual relationships and solidify social partnerships.  

Intilight anal bleaching cream

Who Can Benefit from Anal Bleaching Treatments

Ordinary individuals who would like to surprise their partners in the bedroom can benefit from a whitened anal region. Individuals who are engaged in the adult entertainment industry or who are models for nude photography and the like can also benefit from such treatments. Virtually anyone who would like to have a flawless skin, not only on the visible regions of the body, can benefit from anal bleaching treatments.

Anal bleaching is a safe and effective way to feel good about one’s self especially with the knowledge that every inch of your body is evenly colored. There are no dark areas to be ashamed of or to keep hidden even from your loved ones. If you feel this way, then you will definitely benefit from anal bleaching treatments.

How to Perform Anal Bleaching at Home

Bleaching the anus in the comfort of one’s home is possible if only one uses the right kind of product such as Intilight skin lightening cream. It is imperative that the product is specially formulated by a Board-certified dermatologist who has worked with many patients wanting to have their anuses whitened or bleached. This is one of the best ways you can guarantee that the product you will be using at home is effective and safe.

When applying anal bleaching treatment like Intilight at home it is crucial to test the product first. You can dab a small bit of the bleach onto a part of your body that you can hide with your clothing. Wait 24 hours to check if redness or itching will develop. If none, then you can start preparing the skin around the anus.

Given the location of the anus, it is best to have your partner help you wash and clean the anal area. It is imperative that the anal area is thoroughly washed, cleaned, and dried before the treatment can be applied. This is to make sure that you will get the best results.

While not everyone agrees with the need for bleaching the anal region there are obviously a special group of people who find it very important to have this part of the body achieve a skin color that is similar to the rest of the body. The good news is that this special group of people is actually growing in number, compelling dermatologists to look for better and safer ways to help lighten the skin surrounding the anus.

FAQ and Tips



What is anal bleaching?



Anal bleaching is the application of a special kind of skin whitening agent that effectively reduces the number of pigments known as melanin found in the skin surrounding the anus. Anal bleaching is a special type of skin lightening or skin bleaching that primarily targets the skin cells surrounding the anal orifice. Within the skin are special cells that produce melanin. Anal bleaching treatments target these cells so that they no longer produce melanin. Over time, this leads to a lighter complexion in this region of the body.

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Why is the skin around the anus darker than the rest of my body?

This area of the body is darker than usual because of the increased number of keratinized cells, making them thicker. It is composed of several layers of two types of epithelium that mark the transition between skin and the gastrointestinal tract, with the anus being a part of the digestive tract. Because of these overlapping layers of different epithelial tissues, the keratinized cells appear thicker. And since keratinized cells receive the melanin produced by melanosomes from the deeper structures of the skin, the increased number of keratinized cells also leads to heavier pigmentation or a much darker skin.

Who would want to bleach their anus?

Artists in the adult entertainment industry especially those who are actively involved in the making of pornographic films and who engage in anal sex scenes are primarily the ones who would want to have their anal regions bleached. Models of adult magazines and some nude models also require anal bleaching especially in projects that call for shooting close-up pictures of the anal region. However, the procedure is not only limited to porn or adult entertainment industry actors and actresses. Even ordinary individuals are known to seek effective anal bleaching treatments as a means to feel confident about themselves and to please their intimate partners.

Is bleaching the anus safe?

When the right product is used, anal bleaching is safe. For instance, using Intilight provides you with a safe and effective way to whiten your intimate and anal regions without necessarily having to visit a doctor or a spa clinic to have it performed. Be especially cautious, however as some products tend to contain harsh chemicals that can seriously irritate the skin in the anus. While the skin surrounding the anus is usually thicker than the rest of the body, it is still susceptible to irritation which can invite other health problems.

Can I perform anal bleaching at home?



Using a safe and effective product, anal bleaching at home can be easily accomplished. As a matter of fact, many dermatologists strongly recommend the application of anal bleaching solutions at home owing to the rather delicate nature of the area upon which the product is to be applied. There are a few things one has to comply with, however. For instance, it is imperative that skin preparation is accomplished first before any anal bleaching product can be applied. It is also important to adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer. Shop Intilight now for the best results!