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When individuals want to whiten their genitals and the surrounding skin, they always turn to the best genital bleaching solutions like Intilight to give them the best possible results. Like magic, genital bleaching treatments can turn an otherwise dark, odd-looking genital area into a beautiful and blended part of the human body. These treatments aim to lighten the skin of these body parts to bring about a host of benefits to those who need them.

How Genital Bleaching Treatments Work

Genital bleaching by IntilightOne needs to understand that genital bleaching solutions are essentially the same in mechanism with other skin lightening or skin whitening products. The obvious difference is that these treatments are specifically geared for the skin of the genital organs, namely the labia majora and the other superficial structures of the vagina and the male penis.

The epithelial tissues forming the labial folds and the penis are actually different than other parts of the body. The layers of epithelial tissues are actually thinner than those found in other parts of the skin. Because they are naturally thinner any increase in the production of melanin in these body parts will be amplified many times, producing the characteristic darker shade than normal skin.

Given that the main issue is still in the production of melanin in these parts of the body, genital bleaching treatments can help by altering the processes involved in melanin or pigment production. By reducing the number of pigments in these areas, one can easily lighten the skin tissues. This can be accomplished by destroying the pigments themselves or the cells that produce such pigments. Some genital bleaching solutions can also work to prevent the synthesis of melanin by impacting an enzyme necessary for the pigment’s formation. Such actions are held by genital bleaching products such as Intilight to give individuals a safer and more effective means to lighten the skin in the vagina and/or penis.



Benefits of Genital Bleaching

Bleaching the genital organs can bring a host of benefits, obviously. First, it can enhance one’s perceptions about one’s body image. You may have near-flawless skin, but if your genitals are generally darker than the rest of the body, then there’s great chance that you will still feel uncomfortable about the skin tone differences. Most individuals who feel this way think that they don’t deserve such hyperpigmentation. The idea of flawless skin is more than what the eyes can see. Every square inch of the body should have even skin tone, including the genitals.

An improvement in one’s body image can also pave the way for an equal increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. This can have significant implications in one’s state of mental health. At a time when everyone can be depressed about almost anything, the last thing one actually needs is to feel low because of a heavily-pigmented sex organ. In a way, bleaching the genitals can be one of the ways in which self-esteem can be restored and depression avoided.

Having whiter or fairer genitals works best among individuals in certain industries such as adult entertainment. While it is perfectly okay to present a vulva with darker hues than the complexion of the artist or model, there are some avid followers of this genre who would rather prefer a clean-looking performer than one whose genitals are, not smooth and light. This can also have substantial implications for the performer’s income-generating capabilities. If more fans are shying away from the artist’s projects simply because they don’t like what they see in close-up shots, then it is possible that these fans will look the other way.


Of course, one doesn’t need to be a great performer on the screen to enjoy the benefits of having genital bleaching. Such treatments can help improve one’s sex life and promote stronger intimate relationships.

Who Can Benefit from Genital Bleaching Treatments

Folks have this notion that only performers in the adult entertainment industry can benefit from bleaching their genitals. On the contrary, anyone who would like to feel good about themselves, boost their confidence, build their self-esteem, and create a more positive body image can benefit from such treatments. Intilight's is DIY.

Men can also benefit from such treatments whether they are actors in an adult-themed industry or normal lovers. The good news is that there is an increasing number of men who are also looking for better and safer ways to improve their appearances, not only for themselves but also for their loved ones.

The same can be said of women who would want to surprise and satisfy their partners in the bedroom. While not everyone will readily admit it, having fairer genitals can improve one’s sex life which can be a great foundation for partnered relationships.

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Bleaching One’s Genital Areas at Home - DIY Lightening

Bleaching one’s genital organs at home can be a very tricky business, especially for women because of the peculiarity of the female anatomy. Males can easily apply the Intilight system or any other venerable genital bleaching solution on their manhood since it is readily accessible. Women, on the other hand, will require either a mirror placed in between their legs and reflecting the vagina or their partner to help them apply the solution onto their genitals.

Regardless, it should start with the choice of a good genital bleaching product to use. Intilight and other similar systems have been proven effective in whitening the genitals. The advantage of Intilight over other formulations is that it is formulated by a professional who understands the unique anatomical differences of the epithelial tissues of the genital organs compared to epithelial issues in the rest of the body. This gives you the peace of mind that what you’re actually putting on your genitals is based on the expertise of a Board-certified dermatologist.

It is imperative that a skin test is performed first to avert any sensitivity issues. The skin of the genitals has to be adequately prepared, shaved if possible, and thoroughly washed and cleaned before any treatments can be applied.

Genital bleaching is obviously not for everyone. But for those who are mulling on having their private organs whitened, then choosing the best possible genital bleaching solution INTILIGHT should be number one in the order of business.

Intimate Bleaching FAQ 


What is Genital Bleaching?

A special kind of skin lightening treatment, genital bleaching involves the application of a certain agent that will help eliminate or reduce the levels of melanin present in the skin tissues of the genital area. Depending on the active ingredient or ingredients of these formulations, the reduction or elimination of melanin from the genital skin can help improve the color of the skin, making it lighter or whiter in appearance. It’s the same as skin bleaching except that this one is more specific to the genital organs.

Why Would People Want to Bleach Their Genitals?

Different folks have different reasons for wanting their genitals to look fairer or lighter. In most cases it’s all about wanting to please one’s sexual partner. Individuals who are normally shy during the sex act because of hyperpigmentation in their genitals will feel more confident once they have addressed such issues of hyperpigmentation.



There are also those who really need to bleach their genitals because it assures them of work. Pornstars and other artists in adult entertainment have to rely on a flawless skin to drive their popularity both with fans and with film producers. And then there are those who simply want to achieve perfection in their bodies without really having to drastically change anything.

Why Are The Genitals Usually Darker Than The Surrounding Skin?

There are many reasons why the genitals are usually darker than the rest of the skin. In most cases, this has something to do with the insufficient aeration of the genital organs leading to the accumulation of certain substances that can make the genitals appear darker. Hormones and stress can also play a major role in the darkening of such areas, although science is not absolutely certain about the actual mechanisms at play. Friction, sweat, and moisture can also hasten the increase in pigmentation in genital skin.

Is It Safe To Bleach The Genitals?

When performed by a dermatologist or any other licensed medical professional, bleaching the genitals is safe. However, if one chooses to bleach his or her genitals at home, the safety issue is best left to the quality of the product being applied. Also, it all depends on the skill level of the individual especially in the preparation of the skin as well as the application of the product. Good thing there are now products such as Intilight that are easy and safe to apply in the comfort of one’s home.



Is There a Specific Product That I Can Use To Bleach My Genitals?

You should always choose one that's specially formulated by a dermatologist to get the best possible results. One such product for your consideration is Intilight. It is equally important to choose one that contains proven effective and safe ingredients especially when it comes to bleaching the genitals which INTILIGHT does.