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Friction, sweat, moisture, inadequate ventilation, and advancing age can all contribute to hyperpigmentation in intimate parts of the body like the breast, groin or crotch, and the vagina. The good news is that one can always rely on intimate whitening treatments such as Intilight to address the increased synthesis of melanin in these body parts so that they will achieve a skin color that is similar and even with the rest of the body.

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How Intimate Whitening Treatments Work

Intilight intimate whitening cream works by altering a variety of mechanisms related to the production and distribution of pigments in the skin. Known as melanin, these pigments are sometimes distributed unevenly that some parts of the body tend to be darker than others. Examples of these include the areola of the breast, the fold of skin directly under the breast, the groin or crotch, and the outer lips of the vagina as well as its adjacent tissues.



These body parts tend to be darker than others because of the interplay of several factors, chief among them inadequate ventilation, friction, sweat, and moisture. These create the necessary environment upon which chemical interactions take place resulting in the increased production of skin pigments or melanin in these areas. It is the job of intimate whitening treatments to minimize, if not negate, the processes involved in melanin production.

Intimate whitening treatments work through a variety of mechanisms often depending on the ingredient found in the product. Some inhibit the expression of an enzyme necessary for pigment production while others inhibit the enzyme itself. Others will destroy the pigment while others will destroy the cells that produce the pigment. Whatever mechanism is involved, the result is always the same. There is a reduction in overall melanin content in these regions that eventually leads to the skin lightening or the lightening of the once-heavily pigmented body part.

Benefits of Intimate Whitening

Whitening intimate body parts like the breast and the vagina can have tremendous effects on an individual’s self-concept and self-confidence. This is especially true for young women who are very conscious about their body image. One’s perception about one’s self can have serious implications on the person’s state of mental health.

Since the current norm is to have a body that is near-flawless as possible, having heavily-pigmented body parts hardly qualify as flawless skin. Young women know this and it can pose a threat to the development of a healthier self-concept. Having these intimate body parts whitened can help improve their sense of wellbeing.

Intimate whitening can also help secure better roles or projects for those who are in the adult entertainment industry, modeling, and other related careers. Many projects today require women to be scantily-clad, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. While skin imperfections can be Photo-Shopped, no producer would want to cast or employ one that has hyperpigmentation in intimate body parts.

Whitening one’s intimate parts can also improve social and sexual health. Partners, lovers, and spouses will be more than thrilled to see their loved ones having near-perfectly flawless bodies. Science reveals that a healthy sexual appetite can also lead to happier marriages and relationships. This can also extend to other facets of one’s life such as professionally and culturally.

Who Can Benefit from Intimate Whitening

Anyone, both men, and women, can benefit from intimate whitening solutions. Beachgoers, swimmers, and even athletes who may have to wear skimpy outfits can benefit from intimate whitening as they will save themselves from the embarrassment of having heavily-pigmented body parts that can be posted on social media.

Actors and actresses in the adult entertainment can also benefit from anal bleaching treatments, helping them land better projects while enjoying the adulation of their followers. Models, especially those who represent intimate apparel as well as other brands that utilize models in bikinis and other scant outfits, can also benefit from the whitening effects of these treatments on intimate body parts.

Ordinary housewives, husbands, partners, friends, and virtually everybody else can also benefit from intimate whitening. As long as there is a felt need to look and feel as flawless as one can be, especially in the most private of body parts, then intimate whitening treatments can be the solution for you.

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How to Whiten Intimate Body Parts at Home

One of the best things about today’s advances in intimate whitening technology is that you can now bring home these products and use them on yourself without being embarrassed about it. You will be in the security and convenience of your home when you apply these products. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, it is important to get a product that really works. How do you know? You’ve got to pick one that is formulated by a professional who is a well-known expert in the field of intimate whitening. Don’t go for products made by chemists because they obviously don’t know what the human skin, especially those of intimate body parts, really need. Your best shot is to use a dermatologist-formulated intimate whitening product like Intilight.

Second, always perform a test dose of the product. Even if the product label says that it is safe, it is still important to check whether you’re sensitive to the agent or not. Simply apply a bit of the product on a body part that you’re not going to treat. Let it rest for 24 hours before checking for signs of moderate to severe redness and itching. If there’s none, you’re good to go.

Third, follow the instructions to the letter. You’d have to clean the area thoroughly to allow the active ingredient to work its magic. If you’re working on the vagina, you will really have to trim or shave the pubic hair to facilitate better absorption. You don’t want the treatment to get stuck on the hairs.

Intimate whitening may not be an openly-discussed topic, but more and more ordinary individuals are looking for such solutions that they can easily carry out in the privacy of their homes. Picking the right intimate whitening solution is, therefore, very important in helping you achieve a near-flawless skin complexion even in body parts that are very private and very personal. INTILIGHT is here to help!

FAQ - Whitening Of The Bodies Intimate Areas



What is intimate whitening?



Intimate whitening is the process of reducing the degree of darkness in the skin of intimate body parts such as the areola of the breast, the skin fold under the breast, the buttocks, anus, the groin, and the labia majora of the vagina, although the latter has a more specific treatment called genital bleaching or genital whitening. The idea is to reduce the amount of melanin present in the skin of these body parts so that they will even out with the color of the rest of the skin. It is a special type of skin lightening treatment that is geared specifically for the improvement in the overall appearance of these body parts.

Why should I want to whiten my intimate parts?

Hormonal changes as well as sweat, friction, and advancing age all lead to the abnormal accumulation of melanin in the skin. Unfortunately, many of these accumulate in parts of the body that we are especially conscious of. The breast and the vulva are just two of the body parts that are highly valued by women. The equivalent in men is the crotch. Because these parts are highly regarded by many as very important part of one’s being, having them darker than the rest of the body can be especially devastating from a psychological standpoint.

Why do my intimate body parts appear darker than other body parts?

There are many reasons why the intimate body parts appear darker than others. Inadequate ventilation is one of the main causes of heavier pigmentation in these areas. This can be further aggravated by the presence of sweat, moisture, and friction. When taken together, these factors can contribute to the increased production of melanin in the skin of these regions.

Is it safe to whiten my intimate body parts?



As long as one uses a skin whitening product such as INTILIGHT that is designed to work on intimate body parts, then it should be perfectly safe to do so. However, you can further improve your safety by choosing a product that is formulated by a Board-Certified dermatologist, especially one who has an extensive experience working with and treating patients requiring whitening of their intimate body parts. You will also improve the safety of your intimate whitening activities if you pick a product that contains natural ingredients and have been clinically proven to be effective and safe. INTILIGHT has 2% hydroquinone or maximum sfatey and effectiveness.

Is there a product that I can use at home to whiten my intimate body parts?

Intilight is the optimal product that you can safely use at home even without medical supervision. This way you can easily achieve the results you have been wanting for so long. Regardless of the intimate body part that you want to whiten, preparing the skin is an important pre-treatment activity. Cleaning and washing it thoroughly will help promote the better absorption of the intimate whitening product. Shop now for Intilight!