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Individuals who have problems with skin discoloration can always rely on safe and effective skin lightening products like Intilight to provide them with a more flawless skin. This means they can effectively get rid of skin imperfections that are brought about by hyperpigmentation or the increased production of pigments called melanin. Skin lightening targets problem areas to make them look a lot like the surrounding normal skin or to gradually improve the overall appearance of the skin.

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How Skin Lightening Treatments Work

Skin lightening works in a variety of ways often depending on the active ingredient used in the formulation. Some work by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme called tyrosinase. This enzyme has a catalytic action which helps hasten the production of melanin by melanocytes. Because the action of this enzyme is inhibited, melanocytes will still be able to produce melanin but at an agonizingly very slow rate. Over the course of several weeks, the reduced production of melanin can lead to the lightening of the affected area.



Some skin lightening products work by inhibiting the activation or expression of tyrosinase. These agents block the formation of tyrosinase itself. Since the enzyme is absent it can have the same effects as that of a tyrosinase-inhibiting skin lightening agent.

Other skin lightening products work by scavenging the different intermediate products resulting from the synthesis of melanin. These work differently from the other types of skin lighteners in that they adversely affect some of the necessary building blocks for the formation of melanin.

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There are also skin lightening products that prevent the transfer or movement of melanosomes or the pigment granules of melanocytes to the cells in the outer layer of the skin known as keratinocytes. Melanin is still produced. However, since they are not moved towards the outer layer of the skin this can result in skin lightening.

Other agents act to destroy either the melanocytes themselves or existing melanin. If melanocytes are destroyed, there is a possibility of exposing the skin to potentially more harm since melanin serves as a protective barrier against UV rays. Destroying existing melanin will only be a temporary solution since the loss of melanin will stimulate the melanocytes to synthesize new melanin. There is a lot of science behind whitening of the skin.

Benefits of Skin Lightening Treatments

There are many reasons why people want to lighten the skin. This can be due to personal, professional, and even social reasons.

On a more personal level, skin lightening serves to improve one’s self-esteem and boost one’s self-confidence which can have numerous implications in various aspects of one’s life. Improving self-esteem allows one to be more confident about oneself. This makes the individual feel more positively about how she looks. As positive body image has been closely associated with positive mental health, one can always think of skin lightening tools as an excellent tool for achieving optimum mental health.

The boost in one’s self-esteem can also have its implications on a more professional level or even academically if the person were still a student. Since confidence means belief in one’s abilities, work assignments, and responsibilities can get exceptionally easier to accomplish. This can translate to improvement in professional dynamics such as more clients, more trust from superiors, and the financial and professional rewards that typically follow exceptional work performance.

Socially, skin lightening also helps. The confidence-boost it provides is also enough to allow individuals to initiate conversations with strangers or even with people whom they admire, but are too shy that they get rejected because of their skin imperfections. This solidifies relationships and creates and fosters new ones.

Who Can Benefit from Skin Lightening

Skin lightening has always been associated with vain people or those who are not content with how they look. However, there is such a thing as wanting to improve one’s appearance without necessarily going overboard as to drastically change one’s looks.



Skin lightening is not some cosmetic procedure that will add volume and plumpness to a body part or remove an unsightly bulge. Skin lightening is all about improving the appearance of the skin that has been marred by dark skin imperfections such as melasma, liver spots, acanthosis nigricans, acne marks, and even freckles. These conditions are brought about by a pathology in the production of melanin.

So, who can benefit from skin lightening? Anyone who wants to have a skin that looks normal should certainly benefit from skin lightening. Students, housewives, office workers, models, actresses, singers, athletes, and virtually anyone can benefit from skin lightening. Men and women can both benefit from skin lightening.

How to Lighten the Skin at Home

With the right product, one can easily accomplish skin lightening right in the comfort of their homes. To do this one has to choose the right product to use. It should be safe and proven effective. The product should be tested first on a part of the skin that is normally hidden from view. This is to make sure that no allergic reactions occur secondary to the active ingredients of the product. The skin is then prepared by washing, cleaning, rinsing, and drying it thoroughly before the application of the chosen skin lightening. Skin preparation also includes shaving the area if there is excessive hair growth. This will help facilitate the better absorption of the ingredient by the skin.

The skin lightener should be applied evenly onto the skin. If one only wishes to target a specific region of the skin, then the product should only be applied in this area. It is also imperative to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to obtain the best possible results. Most home skin lightening treatments can be applied once or twice a day, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations and the active ingredient of the product.

Skin lightening helps individuals feel a lot better about themselves, helping them boost their levels of confidence, and allowing them to accomplish many of the different things they want in life. It is, thus crucial to choose the right product that will help you achieve the best possible results from your skin lightening endeavors.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions 



What is skin lightening?

Skin lightening is the process of addressing certain parts of the skin that have darkened. These dark spots, known as hyperpigmentation, can be brought about by a variety of factors. Examples of hyperpigmentation for which skin lightening can help include age spots or liver spots, acne marks, melasma, and freckles, among others. Hyperpigmentation produces uneven skin color with the affected parts usually darker than the rest. The aim of skin lightening is to even out skin tone by removing darkened spots or by restoring the natural color of the skin that has been tanned by prolonged or chronic exposure to UV light.

How is skin lightening different from skin bleaching?

Technically, skin bleaching is almost the same as skin lightening, except that in bleaching, more potent and more powerful agents are used in the process of removing the hyperpigmentation. These agents effectively destroy the melanosome granules synthesized by melanocytes. In other words, skin bleaching effectively removes the actual cause of the darkening in the skin. It is almost similar to skin lightening that uses generally milder or gentler agents in minimizing the effects of melanin on skin color. As such, many consider skin lightening to be a lot safer than skin bleaching.

Why would I want to lighten my skin?

There are many reasons why people would want to lighten their skin. Some would like to achieve a flawless skin complexion that is free from blemishes, unsightly marks, and darkened areas. Most do it so they will feel much better about themselves, boosting their confidence. Some want to lighten their skin simply because it is a requirement in their line of work or is needed for a particular project. Others may want to lighten heavily-pigmented parts of their bodies to please their partners. Whatever the reason is, skin lightening can surely improve one’s sense of self-worth.

Is it safe to perform a DIY skin lightening at home?

If you choose the correct skin lightening product, it is more than safe to perform skin lightening at home rather than to go to a dermatology clinic. Aside from the fact that it is perfectly safe you also have the added advantage of complete privacy so you can actually lighten the skin even in your most sensitive regions. However, the most important aspect of DIY skin lightening is choosing the right safe and effective product.

What skin lightening products should I use to help achieve the results I need?

Always choose a product that is formulated by a Board-certified dermatologist rather than one that is developed by chemists or any other professional who has a very limited understanding of the unique needs of the human skin. You also need a product that contains safe and effective ingredients to give you the best possible outcome in your skin lightening efforts. Lastly, you need to choose a product that works well with different types or colors of skin as this will substantially eliminate the guesswork related to choosing a product that matches well with your skin color. You are choosing the best with INTILIGHT and will be super excited about your results over the next month as your will skin gradually become whiter with us.