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Skin whitening and skin lightening are two processes that actually mean almost the same thing. Both actually aim to lighten certain areas of the skin that are heavily pigmented. Strictly speaking, however, skin whitening has a much deeper connotation as the purpose of the treatment is to make the skin, not as pale white, but as normally white as possible. Intilight is one of those products that can be trusted to deliver the right kind of skin whitening results that people will love.

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How Skin Whitening Treatments Work

Skin whitening, just like skin lightening treatments, works by initiating some changes in the way the body or the skin produces melanin, the natural pigment that is manufactured by the skin’s highly specialized cells. This can be achieved through various mechanisms, although the end result will still be the same.



Some skin whitening products work to adversely affect the activities of a particular enzyme known as tyrosinase. Some will directly affect the precursors of the enzyme so that the enzyme is prevented from being expressed while others will inhibit the enzyme itself. Still, there are other agents that work to destroy either the cells that produce the pigments in the skin or the pigments themselves. There are also agents that somehow affect the transport of these pigments towards the outer layer of the skin. Whatever the mechanism of action, skin whitening treatments work to control the abnormal accumulation of pigments in the skin. This gives the skin its much lighter, more flawless appearance.

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Benefits of Skin Whitening

In a world that is preoccupied with everything beautiful it is not unusual for women and a growing number of men to want to achieve whiter complexion. This is especially true for those who are naturally tanned or those who are more predisposed to a type of hyperpigmentation known as acanthosis nigricans. For many individuals, having whiter, fairer skin is a sign of good health.

Since many of these skin whitening treatments also target localized hyperpigmentation such as freckles, age spots or liver spots, chloasma or melasma, and even the darkened areas left by dried up acnes, they can also provide a means to achieving flawless skin. And when there are no surface imperfections on one’s body, this can bid well on one’s psyche.

Having flawless skin has always been positively correlated with strongly positive self-esteem which creates self-worth and self-confidence. Believing in oneself can pave the way to other accomplishments in life such as doing well in one’s academic endeavors, feeling more confident in one’s social interactions and relationships, and excelling in work environments.

Individuals whose principal means of livelihood are based on the integrity of their skin, having skin bleaching done can help safeguard such choice of career. While it is true that many images today can be enhanced by photo editing software, one’s chances of landing on a page of an illustrious magazine cover is increased dramatically if one’s skin were as white as snow or as flawless as a meticulously cut diamond.

Social relationships can also be enhanced since one’s positive regard for the self is substantially enhanced with whiter, fairer, more flawless skin. Initiating conversations even with the person that one is normally shy with is made ridiculously easier. The same is true with one’s intimate partner. Having a body that is flawlessly whiter can bring about many positive things in one’s bedroom.

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Who Can Benefit from Skin Whitening Treatments?

Men and women can benefit from skin whitening treatments, but most especially those who have a real desire to achieve natural perfection in their looks. This is very different from expensive cosmetic surgery whereby a particular body part is augmented, reduced, or reshaped to give the individual the kind of look that he or she requires. Skin whitening treatments do not change anything in one’s body form; only problematic areas with hyperpigmentation are targeted so that they are one with the rest of the body. Of course, whole body skin whitening is also possible, although you’d have to use more of a particular product to achieve the desired effects.

Models, artists, and other professionals and career individuals who are always in front of a camera lens can benefit a lot from skin whitening, anal bleaching or genital bleaching treatments. Their skin is their investment to more projects and a brighter future. The same is true for individuals who are always in contact with different people such as reporters, customer service agents, and sales persons, just to name a few.

Teens and young adults who are still looking for their own identity can also benefit from skin whitening treatments as these can have a bearing on their self-confidence. The more confident they are, the more socially adept they are at establishing new relationships and finding more meaningful ones.

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How to Whiten the Skin at Home - DIY Skin Whitening

Whitening one’s skin at home is now made easy with the availability of such effective products like Intilight. These formulations are developed by renowned dermatologists who have spent their lives understanding the unique characteristics of the human skin. Only their products can be trusted to provide you with the best possible skin whitening results.

Testing the formulation’s safety is vital for any treatment. This is to make sure that you are not hypersensitive to any of the ingredients of such products, although Intilight is guaranteed to be safe as it’s made of all-natural ingredients. Testing the treatment on a section of the skin that is normally hidden is recommended so that if reactions do occur you will still be able to resume your normal daily activities.

Depending on the part of your body that you need to whiten, you may have to shave any excess hair as this can get in the way to the more efficient absorption of the whitening agent. Regardless, dead skin and dirt must be removed prior to the application of the treatment. It is also best to follow the instructions to the letter.

Skin whitening treatments offer a safe and effective way to nurture one’s self-esteem and boost one’s confidence. This can pave the way for other great things in one’s life.

Skin Whitening FAQ

What’s the difference between skin whitening and skin lightening?

Both terms are actually used interchangeably, but often depending on the geographic market being served. For instance skin whitening is mostly used when marketing melanin-reducing products to Asian and Eastern markets while skin lightening is mostly used in the West. That being said, one can think of skin whitening as a more ‘intense’ form of lightening which should be a lot closer to skin bleaching. Another way to put it is that skin lightening products typically come with one principal ingredient while skin whitening products will come with two or more main ingredients. Either way marketing campaigns have clearly blurred the lines between the two that they are now hardly distinguishable.

How long do skin whitening effects usually take place?

Depending on the active ingredient of the skin whitening formula, it can be as short as 2 weeks before you can start noticing improvements in the shade. Some products can take about a month or two or even never at all. What is important to understand is that not all formulations will work on every type of skin in exactly the same way. A single product may work fast on some people, but slow in others if none at all.



Why do people whiten their skin?

Many individuals want to whiten their skin because it is the ‘in’ thing to do. However, this actually underscores a very important benefit of such treatments: improvement of one’s self-esteem. People just want to feel happy and accepted by people who they like very much. If it means whitening the skin to ‘adhere’ to group standards, then it’s one way of fulfilling such a role. There are also professions that can benefit from skin whitening such as those in modeling and performing arts. Having white, unblemished skin is an investment that can help them land better projects.



What should I look for in a good skin whitening product?

Not all skin whitening products are formulated the same way. Most are designed by chemists in a manufacturing facility. While they may have excellent knowledge in chemicals, they may not have a fair idea of what the human skin actually needs. As such it is best to go for products that are formulated by duly certified and well-respected dermatologists as they are in the best position to know what is best for the skin. Utilizing only safe, quality, and proven effective ingredients is also an important consideration when looking for the best skin whitening product. Look for as many natural ingredients as possible. You can trust Intilight.

Can I whiten my skin at home?

The short answer is, yes. But, there are a few prerequisites. You need a safe, effective, and easy-to-apply skin whitening product. You also need to perform a test dose before putting on the treatment. Strictly following the steps for the application of the skin whitening is very important. Observing the different guidelines for its use is also critical.