Intilight (12 Pack)

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How to Use
anal bleach

All Natural

No Harmful Chemicals or Dangerous Side Effects

anal bleach

Effective On Every Skin Tone

May Be Used Successfully On All Skin Colors

anal bleach

Smoothing, Unscented Formula

An Airless Pump Ensures Fresh, Effective Skin Delivery

anal bleach

Better Alternative to Costly Procedures

Same Effectiveness at Lower Cost than Laser Treatments

Use 2 times per day to fade darkened intimate skin areas.  Apply for 6-8 weeks consistently for maximum results. For Maximum effect, apply on clean, dry skin. Rub in until completely absorbed.


All Natural Ingredients

Only skin care products that are made of safe, natural, and mild ingredients should be used on the skin. Skin care products that contain harsh chemicals or ingredients can seriously damage the already-sensitive skin brought about by the removal of melanin secondary to the administration of hydroquinone.

Reviews & Testimonials

Intilight started to work after just two weeks. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and my skin tone is absolutely perfect. I love the feel and the fact that’s is non scented and smooth.

Maria T.

I started using Intlight to lighten the skin around my scars and my intimate areas and within a month of use I saw a huge difference. I highly recommend this product!

Jasmine R.

I wanted a lighter look around some embarrassing body parts and Intilight did the trick – quickly! 

James C.