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Skin Care / 8.24.18

What To Look For In A Skin Lightening Cream For Dark Spots

Choosing a skin lightening cream for dark spots isn’t easy – there are so many brands, claims, and toxic remedies available on the market that choosing a cream turns out to be a gamble.  This article clarifies five points of consideration when choosing a skin lightening cream for dark spots The single most important piece of information that you need to know when buying a skin bleaching or skin lightening cream is what ingredients are in the product. 


Skin Lightening Cream Tips

While there are literally hundreds of compounds, chemicals, and herbs that claim to lighten dark spots,  age spots, and hyperpigmentation, there are very few that do it effectively.  According to dermatologists and experts who specialize in creams that remove age spots, the ingredients most likely to remove dark spotsand hyperpigmentation contain Retin-A, hydroquinone, azelaic acid, alpha arbutin and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).  Most products contain one ingredient or a combination of one or more of the ingredients.



The second important piece of information that one needs to know about selecting the right skin bleaching cream is what part of the body the cream will be used on.  Skin is very different from location to location on the body.  The skin under the eye is much more sensitive than the skin on the surface of the hands.  So whileRetin-A and hydroquinone may be okay for the face and hands, it would likely be too irritating for dark armpits or intimate areas.  For sensitive skin areas, alpha arbutin and licorice extract would be appropriate.

Thirdly, where can one purchase a skin lightening cream?  It turns out that “age spots” and hyper-pigmentation have taken the pole position over wrinkles in at the cosmetic counter this year.  People have begun to realize that dark spots and age spots can make one look aged and that it’s not the wrinkles alone.   Some of the more effective creams such as Retin-A, azelaic acid, and hydroquinone in strengths over 2% require a doctor’s prescription.  So if you have failed an over the counter strength skin bleaching cream, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and ask for the best skin whitening cream available.

Fourth, how long will it take to lighten dark spots or hyper-pigmented skin?  Just as every individual is different, so are the age spots and dark spots different from one another.  Some sun spots on the cheeks or neck may fade nicely away in 3-6 weeks but other darker spots or intimate areas can take several months.  Part of the variable is the strength of the product that one can use and a strength that one can tolerate without irritation.  One thing that is true for all is that it takes commitment on the part of the patient, to apply the cream consistently every day.

Lastly, sunblock is crucial.  Age spots and dark spots are stimulated by light (both ultraviolet from the sun and indoor fluorescent lighting).  Light keeps the pigment switch turned to the “on” position.  Protecting the skin with sunblock from light helps keep the pigment switch turned to the “off” position.  Not only does sunblock protect against further age spots, but also can prevent wrinkles and even skin cancers.